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August is festival time in Faro with Argus car hire

August is festival time in Faro with Argus car hire

Portugal is like any other hot-blooded Latino country, festivals and celebrations are taken very seriously and locals party until dawn as often as possible! Faro is one of the best-located cities, where visitors can be part of many festivals held each month in the Algarve.  Argus Car Hire has realised how popular the summer holiday period is in Faro and provides renters with great specials and low cost deals during the entire month of August.

The city of Faro has a massive 30,000-seater stadium, where concerts and musical performances are held just as often as major sporting events. Jazz lovers, rockers and classical music fans will have a wide selection of concerts to choose from which take place throughout the year, but the summer period is the most popular time to catch world-class bands playing to sold out concerts. Make sure you book your rental car in Faro early, so you can collect your vehicle directly from the airport once you arrive.

The months of July and August are foodie heaven in Faro with the Ria Formosa Festival, which is held from the 7th of July until the 5th of August. It is loosely translated as a feast of traditional local food and drink. Loads of fresh seafood and home-brewed beer is consumed, while locals offer visitors real insight into the rich cultural and gastronomic traditions and customs of the region. The Ria Formosa Festival is held annually in and around Faro, at the centre of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, one of Portugal’s seven official natural wonders.

The Algarve Folklore Festival starts mid-August and it is one of the most unique festivals held in the south of Portugal. The Folklore Festival holds many activities that try to promote and share the folklore of nations from all around the globe; there is storytelling, loud colourful parades, dances, theatre performances and even workshops on the traditions and customs of the past.

The annual Algarve Sardine Festival in August celebrates the start of the sardine run with fun and games for the entire family. Regardless if you are a sardine lover or not, there is plenty to keep everybody occupied and entertained.


Enjoy a day of fishing on a boat, sample some of the local food and wine at the market stalls, or fill your tummy with one of the local delicacies in one of the many sardine restaurants in town square. There is live music and fireworks all across town at night, and visitors can even try to beat each other at the sardine-eating competitions! The local record is currently swallowing 50 sardines in less than 15 minutes!

It is always a good idea to rent a car in Faro rather than relying on public transport as you wil enjoy much more freedom.