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Atlantis Submarines Barbados recertified Green Globe

Atlantis Submarines Barbados recertified Green Globe

Green Globe today announced the recertification of Atlantis Submarines, Barbados. Atlantis Submarines was first certified in December 2008. This flagship company has demonstrated its continued focus and commitment to sustainable tourism, directing resources and funds to maintain its Green Globe certification status.

Green Globe Certification CEO Guido Bauer said: “Atlantis Submarines is a truly unique tourism experience, which offers an educational platform for travelers to learn about our precious marine environment.

“Barbados is one of Green Globe’s most committed destinations with all the important tourism businesses certified or in the process of certification.

“Atlantis Submarines Barbados was one of the first to join Green Globe, and since 2008 has been a beacon for responsible tourism practices.”

Robert Hinds, Operations Manager and Environmental Officer for the company said: “The recertification was even more stringent that the initial certification as the goal post has moved and a higher level of understanding and progress was expected.


“Atlantis Submarines Barbados has adopted a sustainability vision to improve the economic value of the organization and the awareness of employees, residents, and visitors on the effect of their actions on the environment in which we live and operate. The Atlantis Submarines Barbados operation plans is to ultimately reduce their carbon footprint and demands on the island’s scarce resources.

“The recession is no reason to lose focus on programs that will protect our limited resources and bring future benefit to the company.”