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ATD Travel Services become a corporate partner of Just-a-Drop

ATD Travel Services become a corporate partner of Just-a-Drop

ATD, one of the travel industry’s key players, has supported Just a Drop this week with a donation of £10,000 a year for three years, making them the newest corporate partner of the charity.  ATD’s generous support will be put to great use on many Just a Drop projects that have been scheduled for the coming years with the simple aim of providing clean water and saving lives.

Just a Drop has helped over one million children and their families in 29 countries, including supplying wells in Bolivia at Lake Roja Aquando, helping over 90 families as well as installing water pipes and providing sanitation. In Nepal, Just a Drop has provided training in hygiene and toilet construction and in Afghanistan, a water distribution and waste disposal system was installed in a hospital benefiting over 100,000 people. Just a Drop is also involved in the Haiti crisis. The money donated from ATD will enable the implementation of many more worthwhile projects such as these.

With a child dying every 20 seconds as a result of water borne diseases, polluted water is the world’s biggest killer of children under five. Support from partners such as ATD ensures this continuing help for the world’s poorest communities. 

Commenting on their recent donation, Oliver Brendon, founder of ATD, said: “We have partnered with Just a Drop, as we can be certain that our money will go directly to a wonderful cause and have an immediate positive impact.  Just a Drop is such a relevant charity for the travel industry and we are grateful to give something back to the communities and countries which host tourists from the UK and beyond.”

Fiona Jeffery, founder and chairman of Just a Drop said: “ATD’s donation is a tremendous boost to our fundraising activity and it will enable us to plan for the future as well as today. We are incredibly grateful.”