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Aristotle Divanis: Founder of Divani Collection Hotels has died

Aristotle Divanis: Founder of Divani Collection Hotels has died

One of the leaders of the Greek economy, promoter of Greek tourism, and founder of one of the leading hotel chains in Greece for many years, Aristotle Divanis, passed away on New Year’s Day.
Those who knew the honorable Aristotle Divanis, agree that he always fought for the good of the entire hotel industry and a few times he clashed with the central authority.

He was always innovative since in 1958 he built a hotel in Trikala with a capacity of 65 rooms with a separate bathroom.

The fuse for his involvement in tourism was the advice of the then Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis.

The love for hospitality and the entrepreneurial spirit of Aristotle Divanis showed the way for the continuation as well, with him withdrawing from any other commercial activity and focusing exclusively on the hotel industry.

With his first business initiative in the field of tourism being crowned with complete success, Aristotelis Divanis saw the rising development of the iconic Meteora and made the big decision to establish the Group’s second hotel in Kalambaka.


After the end of the dictatorship, the Group is now the largest in Thessaly opening its third hotel, this time in the city of Larissa.

The next step of Aristotle Divanis seemed predetermined. Shortly before the completion of the second decade in the hotel industry, the founder of the Group, in collaboration with a fellow citizen, opened his first hotel in Athens, in the Acropolis area.

The descent to Athens was successful and a catalyst for the subsequent course and legacy for the timely establishment of Divani Collection.

A worthy successor to his work is his son Spiros Divanis, who for many years has taken over the reins of the Group with great success.

His funeral will take place at the First Cemetery of Athens next Wednesday, January 4 at 2:00 p.m.