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Antler partners with Okoban for luggage tracking service

Antler partners with Okoban for luggage tracking service

Antler has unveiled a ground breaking new feature to its suitcases.

Teaming with Okoban, Antler is offering customers a new standard in luggage tracking. 

The great British luggage label, established since 1914, will launch the new feature on the AirStream 2 bag on August 1st.

This service, free to Antler consumers, is the first to be used by a leading luggage business in the UK and Antler is proud to be at the forefront of such innovative tracking technology. 

Consumers can register their suitcase very simply on Antler’s website.

When AirStream 2 launches it will land with a unique ID label.

Owners will be able to register their case along with contact information. 

This means if the suitcase goes amiss, whoever finds it will be able to alert them through the website with its whereabouts. 

Jayne Simmonds, head of product design for Antler, said: “The Antler design process always puts our customers first, we thought adding the Okoban tracking feature was a really nice touch, which ensures our customers will keep their new AirStream 2 safe and protected for many years to come.”

Everyday tens of thousands of important and valuable items are misplaced at airports, hotels, trains, taxis and other public places. 

Most to be never returned. 

However, Okoban creates a lifetime long link between the owner and their property. 

Linking luggage to SITA’s WorldTracer- the baggage tracing software system used by airlines worldwide, 440 airlines and ground handlers at 2,800 airports.

Maya Hall, global marketing manager of Okoban, said: “The chances of being reunited with lost property are significantly improved.”