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ANA announced inaugural flight route of the 787 Dreamliner

ANA announced inaugural flight route of the 787 Dreamliner

ANA is proud to announce that it will operate its first revenue flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as a charter international flight from Tokyo, Narita to Hong Kong.

The flight, the Dreamliner’s inaugural service on a commercial basis, will take place approximately one month after the first aircraft is delivered to ANA, with delivery due in September. The Narita-Hong Kong maiden flight will be available to any customer who applies for the special package tour departing Tokyo which ANA is arranging.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner features a host of new technologies providing value to airlines and unparalleled levels of comfort to passengers. The use of composite material and advanced aerodynamics means it is the first mid-size airplane capable of flying long-range routes while cutting fuel consumption for shorter routes. Passengers will also benefit from the larger windows with electro-chromatic shades, bigger onboard luggage storage space and more refreshing atmosphere within the cabin enabled by the plane’s innovative design.

ANA will also operate two domestic excursion flights, departing and landing at Narita and lasting approximately an hour following the flight to Hong Kong to allow more ANA customers to experience the increased level of comfort resulting from the plane’s innovative features.

The excursion flights will be available to ANA’s frequent flyers and ANA Mileage Card members. Further information on the flights including the dates and the way to apply for tickets will be announced at a later date on ANA’s special 787 Dreamliner website:


The first Dreamliner delivered will be installed on ANA’s regular domestic service following the charter flights, either on the Haneda-Okayama or Haneda-Hiroshima route.