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Amadeus Altéa Departure Control System winning industry support

Amadeus Altéa Departure Control System winning industry support

Amadeus has secured 20 long-term IT agreements with ground handling companies in just 18 months since the launch of the Amadeus Altéa Departure Control System.

Once these 20 customers are fully migrated to the new platform by 2015, Amadeus will be processing 85+ million passengers boarded per year through this solution.

Swissport International, the world’s leading provider of ground services to the aviation sector, and SATS, a leading provider of gateway services and food solutions in Asia and Amadeus’ first Asian customer for this solution, are two of the latest companies to join the Amadeus Altéa family.

Both Swissport, for its operations in European airports, and SATS, will go through a phased migration process starting beginning of 2013.

Amadeus Altéa DCS for Ground Handlers is a community platform developed by working closely with ground handlers that permits customers to take advantage of the combined ground handlers’ expertise and Amadeus technology.

Using the technological capabilities of Altéa DCS’s Customer Management and Altéa DCS’s Flight Management services for airlines as a base, Amadeus’ specific solutions for ground handlers simplifies their interactions with the airline regardless of whether their airline customer uses the Amadeus Altéa suite of products or not.

“With Altéa DCS for Ground Handlers, we remove all the complexity of pairing the ground handler’s system with the airline’s own specific business rules, permitting a seamless integration of the ground handler’s and the airline’s operations.

“This enhanced level of integration results in optimised use of the ground handler’s resources while providing a higher quality service to their airline customers,” commented John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus.

“We are very pleased with the rapid acceptance of our solution by ground handlers and we hope to continue making it available to more ground handlers worldwide.”