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Alstom and Transmashholding present their new tramway to Moscow Mayor

Alstom and Transmashholding present their new tramway to Moscow Mayor

Alstom and Transmashholding (TMH) have presented in Moscow on 27 February to Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, a modern high-speed low-floor tramway designed for Russian cities. The presentation was held in presence of Patrick Kron, Chairman and CEO of Alstom.

Alstom and TMH intend to manufacture these new low-floor high-speed tramways in Russia. The partners aim at implementing in Moscow innovative solutions with regard to rolling stock design, traffic and passenger management, signaling systems and other rail aspects.

The tram-set presented in Moscow is a completely modular vehicle combining the latest know-how of modern tramway engineering based on Alstom flagship’s model Citadis. It is equipped with a new model of bogie to fit Moscow existing rail network, thus reducing the infrastructure preparation phase and cutting the operation costs. Designed for maximum speed of 75kph, it can run at an average speed of 25kph depending on existing infrastructure and signaling systems, compared to 11kph for existing tramways in Moscow.

State-of-the-art engineering solutions such as composite materials, new innovative bogie or modular sections used in this new model of tramway ensure easier repair and lower maintenance costs as well as energy savings (the use of composites reduces by 10% energy consumption). The life-time of this new rolling stock is 30 years. From 25 to 35 m long depending on customer’s requirements, the tramway has also a capacity of 300 passengers, almost twice as much as in the current vehicles.

This tramway has a low-floor, providing easy access to disabled or elderly people and to passengers with prams. It can be equipped with WiFi internet connections. Alstom designers will give the tramway a unique “Moscow-inspired” exterior. Three different proposals of design (“classic”, “dynamic” or “friendly”) combining different shapes of exterior front head with different colors of seats and interior equipment were submitted today to Sergey Sobyanin.


Alstom’s leadership in tramway solutions combined with TMH’s experience as the largest rolling stock manufacturer in Russia will allow the partners to offer Moscow a comfortable, safe and modern city transport. Over 1,500 Alstom tramways are in operation in 40 cities of the world and have already transported over 4 billion passengers