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Airbus begins test programme for ACJ320neo corporate jet

Airbus begins test programme for ACJ320neo corporate jet

The first ACJ320neo has successfully completed a two hour and 40-minute first flight from Hamburg, getting its test-programme off to a good start.

Derived from the popular A320neo airliner family, some 500 of which are in airline service, the corporate jet version includes features such as extra fuel-tanks in the cargo-hold that will deliver even more intercontinental range, plus greater cabin-pressure for better passenger comfort.

These features are being tested before delivery of the aircraft to Acropolis Aviation in the coming months.

The aircraft will then undergo cabin outfitting by AMAC in Basle, Switzerland, and be repainted in customer colours.

“The ACJ320neo first flight heralds a new Airbus corporate jet era, delivering a range improvement that enables nonstop travel between even more cities, in what is widely recognised as the best cabin of any business jet,” said Airbus Corporate Jets president, Benoit Defforge.


“The ACJ320neo family’s improved fuel-efficiency also means that it compares even more favourably in operating costs with traditional business-jets.”

Continuous improvements mean that the ACJ320 Family now comprises the ACJ319neo, flying eight passengers 6,750 nm or more than 15 hours, and the ACJ320neo, flying 25 passengers 6,000 nm or more than 13 hours.