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airberlin welcomes over 3.4m passengers in July

airberlin welcomes over 3.4m passengers in July

In July, airberlin welcomed more than 3.4 million passengers on board and was able to keep capacity utilisation in yearly comparison at a very high level of 86.62 percent.

In the course of its flight plan optimisation, airberlin has reduced the available seat kilometers (ASK) by 3.8 percent to 6.005 billion (previous year: 6.242 billion). Therefore, the revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) likewise decreased, i.e. by 4.7 percent to 5.202 billion (previous year: 5.459 billion), accentuated by a slightly lower number of last-minute travelers related to the elevated temperatures recorded in July.

In the first seven months of 2013, airberlin was able to increase fleet capacity utilisation to 84.88 percent, i.e. by 2.7 percentage points in yearly comparison, and welcomed a total of more than 18 million passengers on board. The available seat kilometers totaled 32.63 billion and the revenue passenger kilometers amounted to 27.70 billion.

For 2013, airberlin has changed the way it calculates its capacity utilisation. The capacity utilisation calculation is now determined according to the sector standard, and the revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) are compared to the available seat kilometers (ASK). For the purpose of a yearly comparison, the capacity utilisation for 2012 was likewise calculated anew.