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airberlin introduces on-board 3G internet

airberlin introduces on-board 3G internet

airberlin is installing 3G connectivity across its entire long-haul fleet, becoming the first airline to offer the AeroMobile 3G eXPhone service.

The first aircraft to be equipped with the new service is an Airbus A330-200 with the registration D-ABXC.

Passengers can use their own 3G-enabled mobile devices to send text messages and surf the internet with the same quality as on the ground.

Telephony will remain prohibited on airberlin flights.

To date, aircraft have relied upon 2.5G connectivity.


The new 3G service means passengers will enjoy faster connections on board.

The service is easy to use: passengers simply switch on their mobile device or smartphone, disable airplane mode and connect to the on-board 3G network.

Charges are set by passengers home mobile service providers and added to their monthly bill.

The new 3G service is part of “airberlin connect”, the airline’s internet service.
airberlin is the first German airline to offer internet access not only on long-haul routes, but also on short- and medium-haul flights.

The internet service brings airberlin passengers on short and medium-haul flights an entertainment menu featuring TV series and films, which can also be enjoyed on passengers’ own devices.

Passengers can enjoy the perfect personal entertainment programme, selected from more than 180 hours of films and TV.

On long-haul flights, passengers will continue to enjoy the RAVE in-seat entertainment system.