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Air New Zealand launches new UK ad campaign

Air New Zealand launches new UK ad campaign

Air New Zealand has launched its latest above the line campaign. 

The airline is launching its UK campaign ahead of the summer, showcasing its London to Los Angeles route and highlighting its “a better way to fly” proposition.

The campaign aims to educate travellers on Air New Zealand’s direct London to Los Angeles service and, by drawing on the theme of ‘bet you didn’t know’, highlight some of the surprising things they might not know about the service.

The out-of-home campaign has now gone live in London.

Predominantly running at London Underground stations, the light-hearted creative will feature various executions highlighting lesser-known facts such as “babies can’t dream”, “lobsters taste with their feet”, “mangoes get sunburn” and “bees do have knees” before revealing Air New Zealand’s daily direct flight route from London to Los Angeles.


The campaign will also showcase some of the unique elements that make up an Air New Zealand flight such as the free-poured New Zealand wines on offer, free onboard Wi-Fi, gate-to-gate entertainment, 23 kilogrammes of no-charge baggage and kiwi-inspired fresh food, ultimately making it ‘a better way to fly’.

Air New Zealand head of UK and Europe, Joanna Copestake, said: “People are sometimes surprised when we tell them Air New Zealand flies direct from London to Los Angeles. 

“We wanted to draw on that element of surprise with our latest campaign, using it to raise awareness among travellers of our award-winning product, kiwi hospitality and the fact that we fly directly from London to Los Angeles with no hidden extras, making our airline a better way to fly.”