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Air Europa passengers able to digitally verify passports with Amadeus Travel Ready

Air Europa passengers able to digitally verify passports with Amadeus Travel Ready

New, digital experiences are a top priority for travellers, with the IATA Global Passenger survey finding three quarters would like to use biometric data over passports and boarding passes.

The study also indicates that travellers are keen to streamline certain processes away from the airport, with check-in and immigration procedures as their top priorities.

This is why Air Europa is deploying Amadeus Travel Ready by Traveller ID, a full suite of innovative products making travel easier by automating and digitising the document verification process.

The technology gives peace of mind for travellers, allowing them to verify the compliance of certain documents before heading to the airport.

International passengers of Air Europa can now use this new feature during the online check-in, through any of their favourite digital channels (mobile or desktop).


Once a passport has been verified, passenger status will automatically be updated within the airline system as ‘Skycleared,’ saving time by speeding the manual document verifications at check-in, bag drop and boarding, and consequently reducing queues.

In the future, Amadeus Travel Ready will not only offer the possibility to Air Europa’s passengers to verify other documents such as visas, but will also facilitate biometric identification processes at the airport via the passengers’ mobiles.

The solution will provide capabilities to match key travel credentials with biometric facial data that will be used for identification at the different airline touchpoints.

Estelle Leray, alliances director and head of customer experience, Air Europa, said: “We are very excited with this new solution as it aligns perfectly with our innovation strategy.

“We want to deliver the experience our customers anticipate: an easy and smooth journey.

“We are looking for the development of biometrics enrolment capabilities which will truly enhance the experience for both our customers and agents.”

Amadeus Travel Ready is aligned with the IATA One ID initiative, which aims to further streamline passenger journey by promoting advance sharing of information, contactless technologies and biometric options.

Francois Blanc, managing director, Traveller ID, Amadeus, said: “The digital verification of travel documents is accelerating, and Amadeus Travel Ready allows carriers to offer an enhanced experience for passengers.

“This is just one example of how Amadeus is able to support the travel industry with innovative, traveller-centric initiatives, utilizing digital identities.”