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Air Canada offers Customers Holiday Travel Tips

Air Canada offers Customers Holiday Travel Tips

Air Canada is pleased to offer customers travelling during the holiday season time-saving travel tips and useful links to make their journey easier and more pleasant.
With more than 2 million customers expected to travel on Air Canada over the holidays, we know that airports will be busy and our aircraft full. In anticipation, we’ve made extensive preparations to transport our customers safely and conveniently, including hiring people to bring staffing above pre-Covid levels, readying equipment for winter weather, and prudently scheduling flights. Customers can further ensure smooth travels by preparing in advance with a few simple measures. We want all our customers to have a great holiday, particularly as they travel, and we wish everyone the best for the season,” said Kevin O’Connor, Vice President of Air Canada’s Systems Operational Control, which oversees the carrier’s daily operation.

Before Going to the Airport
At the time of booking make certain all details, including name spellings and travel dates, are correct and provide an e-mail address and mobile phone number. Customers can check-in online at or on the Air Canada Mobile App beginning within 24 hours of their flight, which saves time at the airport. Check the flight’s status before going to the airport and allow enough time to meet the check-in cut-off deadlines. Many airport websites have information and services to ease the process, such as posted wait times for check-in and security, the ability to pre-book screening and reserve parking.

Tools for Travelers
Install and use the Air Canada Mobile App. It conveniently delivers all needed mobile tools and services directly to any Apple or Android device so customers can manage their travel. It can be used to check-in, to securely store customer contact information, preferences and payment details, arrange for checked baggage, and to obtain a boarding pass (eliminating the need for a paper boarding pass). The App also allows Air Canada to communicate directly to customers any updates to their itineraries. Customers should also be sure to enroll in Aeroplan, which can be synched with the App.

Travel experts agree, people tend to pack too much, so consider what you will really need. To help with packing has extensive information about baggage allowances, including carry-on limits. When packing, ensure required medication, keys and valuables – including money, electronics, and jewelry – are kept in a carry-on bag. For information on government security screening of carry-on items, click here. Attach a sturdy identification tag to all checked baggage and tuck inside each piece a business card or similar item with contact details. Customers should be mindful that excess carry-on baggage can result in boarding and flight delays, so please limit carry-on and kindly comply if a gate agent makes a request for carry-on baggage to be gate-checked. This will get everyone on their way sooner.

Documents and Useful Apps for International Travel
Visit Air Canada’s Travel Ready hub for international entry requirements. Customers are responsible for meeting all entry requirements, including holding the correct travel documents, visas, or health certificates, for any flights they purchase. Additional information is available from the International Air Transport Association and advice on travelling abroad is available at Travellers going to the U.S. can use the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s MPC app to submit their passport and customs declaration information to streamline the entry process into the U.S. When returning to Canada, customers can save time by using the ArriveCAN web or mobile app to make their customs and immigration declaration to the Canada Border Services Agency up to 72 hours in advance of their arrival at select airports.