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“Adventures with Purposes” begins multi-destination Asian quest in Hong Kong

“Adventures with Purposes” begins multi-destination Asian quest in Hong Kong

Richard Bangs’ “Adventures with Purpose” returns this month on public television with its latest episode: “Quest for Harmony,” featuring a trilogy of destinations: Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong – three distinct pearls in one exquisite setting bound by a cultural veneration of harmony.

Richard Bangs embarks on a journey to uncover the ancient and contemporary expressions of harmony—a principle fundamental to Asian cultures worldwide. This episode of Adventures with Purpose represents a first in U.S. Tourism – the first time three Asian tourism boards have united to support the development of a nationally distributed television show and themed itinerary.

“Quest for Harmony” kicks off in Hong Kong, an iconic metropolis personifying the integration of the Yin and the Yang, as the rounded shoulders of tradition find poise within the new and modern. With the juxtaposition of the newly-opened Ritz Carlton, the world’s tallest hotel, and the tranquil landscapes of historic Lamma Island, Bangs uncovers an unforgettable aspect of Asia’s World City.

“Hong Kong is often part of a multi-destination vacation and our goal was to work with Richard Bangs, our Asian tourism board partners, and Cathay Pacific to create a very special show and itinerary—one rich in cultural exploration,” said Bill Flora, U.S. Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board. “Quest for Harmony provides an enticing look at the Pearl River Delta and the unique living culture of Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong.”

The journey continues as the series takes Richard Bangs to the Guangdong Province — one of China’s gems, whose people seek spiritual relief within the natural world. While in Guangdong, Richard visits Danxia Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and China’s spectacular Grand Canyon — two awe-inspiring landscapes overflowing with history yet still unknown to many; and Macau — a lively city where traditional customs balance contemporary standards.


Successfully highlighting the allure, energy, and passion of Asia’s World City, “Quest for Harmony” comes shortly after 2010’s exhilarating “Quest for the Dragon”, the Emmy nominated episode and recent recipient of the prestigious Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writers Gold Award in the Travel-Broadcast Video category.

“What a spectacular honor for us as producers, but the true star that earned this award is Asia’s World City, Hong Kong. We rode the dragon’s back as it soared through mountains and skyscrapers, carrying us (and viewers) to dizzying heights of wonder,” said Richard Bangs. “Now that we are home and a bit feverish with being earthbound, there is but one cure—to re-enter the magic glass that is Hong Kong as soon as we can!”

Follow in Richard Bangs’ footsteps and embark on your own quest for harmony with Hong Kong Tourism Board’s longtime partner, Cathay Pacific Airways. In conjunction with Peregrine Travel, Cathay Pacific has developed an intriguing itinerary under the Cathay Pacific China Experience brand in order to transcend all boundaries and dive deeper into Richard Bangs’ latest journey. Experience the adventure firsthand and explore the harmonious depths of Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong on an 11-day journey. Discover the virtuous balance between Hong Kong’s modern cityscape and traditional relics; Macau’s flourishing economy and Portuguese influence; and Guangdong’s vast natural landscape and booming industrial growth. For more information on this package, visit Cathay Pacific U.S. homepage at and click on the “Quest for Harmony” banner for additional details.