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Consultancy Service for large Group Rail Travel

Consultancy Service for large Group Rail Travel

Train Hire invites group organisers of school, charity or club travel to take advantage of its free consultancy service for budget charter trains and lower cost large group rail travel across the entire British and European rail networks.

Train Hire’s experts assess group travel needs and prepare free reports on the lowest cost options for transport organisers. Train Hire will advise on whether to hire a private train or to use a public scheduled train service, depending which is the most cost-effective for the particular group and route.
Private train hire allows direct travel to the chosen destination in a reserved train, without changes, even if the chosen route would have required changes if normal scheduled trains were being used.
For large group travel on scheduled trains, Train Hire either reserves or attaches private rail carriages or arranges for the group to sit together in public carriages.
The process of hiring a train or arranging group travel is simple with Train Hire because everything is managed for the group organiser.  A single contact handles the booking from start to finish, advising on costs and options, arranging the train travel.

Simon Pielow of Train Chartering, the company behind Train Hire, says, “Train Hire has been designed for the growing awareness of group travel organisers that Britain’s railways are a great and safe way to take large groups long distances.”

Train Chartering has provided charter trains and private carriages since 1998 to corporate and individual clients as well as group travel organisers.  Combining this experience with a wide range of train types, Train Chartering is in a unique position to deliver real benefit with Train Hire.