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Adara cracks data secrets at Idaho Tourism

Adara cracks data secrets at Idaho Tourism

Adara has helped Idaho Tourism connect its marketing campaigns to actual travel activity, through Adara Impact.

The analytics solution combines the world’s largest set of first party travel data across vendors and campaigns to help guide marketing strategies for DMO and tourism board partners, while also optimising results.

For example, Adara Impact helped Idaho Tourism understand that of its top four media partners, two of them generated less than 58 per cent of total impressions, but nearly 86 per cent of hotel bookings; another media partner generated the most unique users, but drove the fewest bookings.

Results of the Adara Impact study also demonstrate that the period five to six weeks leading up to travel is a “sweet spot” for reaching Idaho Tourism high value travelers, in which online marketing and advertising spends are most likely to be best optimised.

“Since utilising ADARA Impact, our traveller intelligence has skyrocketed, and likely, so will our return on investment,” said Josh Mercado, a member of Idaho Tourism.

“This tool lets us see inside our campaigns to identify areas of exceptional performance as well as weaknesses and inefficiencies.

“The better we understand the data, the better we become at targeting marketing dollars to more effectively reach our highest value travellers – and the more competitive we become with other destinations.

The study also revealed that business and leisure travellers to Idaho are relatively even, with 53 per cent of visitors identified as on business.

“We are excited to share the results of our Idaho Impact study,” said Scott Garner, president, data and analytics at Adara.

“Adara Impact was developed for DMOs and with their input.

“It provides unique insights into booking behaviour across the traveller ecosystem to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns – and to help them optimize revenue and generate higher ROI.

“Thank you to Idaho Tourism for helping launch Adara Impact, which has already yielded tremendous results.”