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ACT Greens/Labor commit to light rail in Canberra

ACT Greens/Labor commit to light rail in Canberra

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) congratulates ACT Labor in securing another four years in office after ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury announced his support for Katy Gallagher. The number one agreement between the two parties is an immediate commitment to Light Rail in Australia’s Capital.

Bryan Nye, ARA CEO commends both parties for their long term vision. “I applaud Shane Rattenbury, the Greens and Labor Party for their commitment to a project that will benefit Canberra immensely,” he said.
“Together, the Greens and ALP are demonstrating their long term vision for Canberra and an ability to deliver on pre-election promises.” As Canberra’s population grows, a better public transport system that offers more than buses will be vital.
“Canberra currently has the lowest use of public transport across Australia but introducing light rail will help get Canberrans out of their cars,” continued Mr Nye.

Northbourne Avenue and other streets with large median strips are all reminders that Light Rail was part of the original plan for Canberra.

“By committing to light rail in Canberra, the ALP and Greens will construct infrastructure that was always planned for Nation’s Capital.”
“Light rail will improve the connectivity of the city, reduce road congestion and decrease travel times all in an environmentally friendly manner,” concluded Mr Nye. One tram line can move 10,000 people an hour, while the same space dedicated to road can move only 800 cars or 140 bus services.