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37.5% of Americans are against in-flight cell phone use

37.5% of Americans are against in-flight cell phone use

GetVoIP, a leading VoIP telephone service comparison guide, today released the results of their most recent survey, which asked Americans: “Do You Support In-flight Cell Phone Use?”

Only 16% of Americans said they outright supported usage, with another 37.5% saying that they were strongly opposed. 46.3% said they didn’t care either way, showing a strong sense of indifference towards the policy.

This survey also found that younger adults were most likely to support in-flight usage, with 27.2% of 18-24 year olds being in support, with the older age groups getting increasingly less supportive with age. Those older than 65 only said they were in favor 6.5% percent of the time, a 400% difference in support.
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GetVoIP’s survey was conducted using Google’s Consumer Survey Tool and ran through December 2013. As such, readers can be sure all the information provided is current and complete., all results were broken down by age group, ranging ages 18 through 65+ in order to help readers better understand trends regarding in-flight usage policies/bans.