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10+2 reasons to visit Quito

10+2 reasons to visit Quito

Middle of the World
The parish of San Antonio de Pichincha to the north of Quito is the home of the most visited attraction in Ecuador: the Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) Monument dedicated to the equator. The most popular tourist activity here is to take a photograph with one foot in each hemisphere.
Historic Centre
Declared the world’s first World Heritage Site, the historic centre of Quito is the best preserved in the world and boasts fabulous religious architecture and iconography, as well as numerous churches that hold countless cultural and historical treasures from the colonial era.
Chocolate capital

Quito is the perfect destination for chocolate lovers. Ecuador supplies more than 60% of the world’s fine flavour cocoa. Thanks to its unique geographical conditions and more than 500 years of work, the floral flavour of Ecuadorian cocoa is unique in the world.
Traditional Neighbourhoods
Colonial architecture, art, Ecuadorian food and a reflection of Quito’s traditions can be found in the city’s neighbourhoods such as La Ronda, San Roque, Mama Cuchara, San Juan and San Marcos. There are stories to be discovered with every step through the city’s streets.

Modern Quito
In modern Quito, neighbourhoods such as La Carolina, La Floresta, La Mariscal and González Suárez are now home to small cafés, boutique hotels, art galleries, music revivals and new traditions that make Quito a diverse place where different worlds and cultures meet.
Quito is the ideal place to learn about and try the country’s typical dishes, with excellent products and unique recipes. Trying dishes such as fritada, cuy, locro Quiteño, hornado or empanadas de viento and morocho, among others, is reason enough to eat your way around the city.


Chocó Andino
45 minutes from Quito is one of Earth’s natural paradises: the Chocó Andino. A protected area with abundant flora and fauna, declared by UNESCO to be the seventh Biosphere Reserve of Ecuador, a magical environment with lush nature and countless birds that enchant visitors with their cries.

The Andes
Quito is located at the heart of the Andes, making it part of a green oasis offering ideal surroundings for walks in nature and adventure sports.
Iconic animals
Quito is one of the most diverse cities on the planet. Thanks to the variety of habitats in the area, it is home to the spectacled bear and there are thousands of species of birds with unique colours.
Ancestral welfare
Quito’s history dates back to the indigenous people who inhabited the valleys and mountains thousands of years ago. Ancient cultures such as the Yumbo or Quitu envelop the capital in a unique world of mysticism. Petroglyphs, ruins and hot springs form a unique journey through the history of the first ancestors.

Holy Week
Holy Week in Quito is the most important Catholic commemoration in the country and is celebrated through a series of unique activities such as the Arrastre de Caudas, the Procession of Jesus del Gran Poder, the Procession of Lights, the Procession of Silence, the Procession of Andas and the International Festival of Holy Music. All accompanied by the traditional Easter dish - “La Fanesca”.
Meetings and events
Quito is one of the best places for congresses, conventions, fairs and exhibitions in South America due to its infrastructure, products and services for all types of meetings. It has modern facilities such as the new Metropolitan Convention Centre.