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1,000 Iberia customers have bought flight tickets with their cell phones

1,000 Iberia customers have bought flight tickets with their cell phones has launched a new application for booking and buying flight tickets from any mobile device, which was used by some 1,000 customers in its first month.

Customers can access the Iberia mobile website or use the platform-specific applications available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone 7 devices, in English, Spanish, or Catalan. Iberia is one of the first airlines with a reservations and ticket purchase portal tailored to leading mobile devices.

“Mobile devices have become indispensable tools for travellers, particularly business travellers, and Iberia has been very aware of this,” said Víctor Moneo, the company’s sales manager for Spain.

“The response in the first month has shown that you never lose by considering the interests of the customer,” he said.

75,000 boarding passes downloaded to cell phones


In the month of July some 75,000 Iberia passengers obtained their boarding passes by cell phone, eliminating the need for paper. “This number represents a 66% increase over July of last year, and is now approaching the number of boarding passes issued by machines in airports,” Moneo said.
In addition to the convenience of dispensing with a physical boarding pass, customers using their cell phones to board are eligible to use a streamlined security control position at Iberia’s T4 hub in Madrid airport.

Cell phones may also be used to check reservation status, to check-in for flights, to learn about special offers, to view flight arrivals and departures as well as timetables, to start a search for lost luggage, to find all Iberia telephone numbers around the world, and to access Iberia Plus loyalty programme accounts.