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Travelling in COVID-19 times

Travelling in COVID-19 times

The coronavirus pandemic has slowly reached some parts of the world. It seemed so far away and virtually impossible to spread even more, but yet it has suddenly reached other countries, making it seem unrealistic and hard to believe that the virus could ever get this far.

Many changes are known to have taken place. Closures of transit sites and crowds of people, recommendations to avoid movement. As far as tourism goes, airports in particular have been quite affected, with thousands of trips being delayed or cancelled. Thus, little by little the intentions to go and come somewhere began to change.

It is difficult to assimilate, although it is not impossible to live with the concerns of how to stay healthy without catching a highly contagious virus. The present moment limits movement in geographical space. It limits reaching other cities and countries. However, there are many ways to go through this never before experienced situation. We must be coherent, the world is too interesting to be left unexplored.

We must consider that the tourism sector provides various options of destinations and ways to enjoy according to the wishes of each person. Would this be the moment to invest in oneself and seek to discover new options for future trips?

It is clear that this is a good question that has been haunting many people, who still have in their minds the purpose of having the best vacations and destinations as soon as possible. The fact that it is time to slow down due to the containment of the COVID-19, doesn’t make it necessary to lose your head or the hope of getting back to the most incredible places ever seen.
Skokka UK continues to think and try to point out the various alternatives of how to get through quarantine, COVID-19 and the changes caused by a pandemic. All this, without losing the opportunities that exist, perhaps without having to go so far. Perhaps, while still taking advantage of what you can still have and enjoy life. 

New horizons: the human need to travel
Human beings are curious. Most have a need to discover what is new, to know what is on the other side, what is still unknown. But then came a pandemic, plans changed.

Trips with all kinds of projected plans on paper are now cancelled. Time of doubt as to when exactly the contagion will stop, which is the current reality. Having your bags ready with the option of going somewhere where the virus is more controlled is not a reality.

However, the media give quite specific information about the situation in most countries. You can look up this information to plan your next trip or know all the measures that are being implemented in each one of them. It is true, these are important conditions and a constant part of today’s vocabulary.

During this specific situation when there are many countries with recorded cases, some have more alarming situations than others. But not everything is like that, and not the same rules apply to all corners of the world. There are cases and cases.

There are countries in total quarantine, isolation and confinement. There are countries with open trade, the right to go to parks and other places. Therefore, looking at conditions can be the key point to follow life and keep updated in times of pandemic.

Why continue to travel and how to help reduce the impact?
The tourism sector is suffering from a rather important and, in a way, worrying hit. Many trips are cancelled, others are rescheduled, but above all, there is a spatial limitation, to put it bluntly.

At this time the best alternative to help the economy may be to postpone the dates of trips that cannot be made. The impact on hotel closures and cancellations of flights, and other forms of tourism related business, can be minimized in some ways.

It is important to consider that there are places that already have the situation under control. That is, the risks are lower, and therefore the economy is already starting to move. And… depending on the case, it can be an ideal moment to have a trip alone. Why would it be a good option? There are quite interesting attractions in certain destinations, even within just one city, with the best companies and professionals.

However, if you don’t want to be with other people and take that small risk, trips to the mountains and some distant beaches can be good alternatives. It’s time to keep informed with all the changes, find the best destination, and plan, because life always goes on.