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Travel with technology in your hands

Travel with technology in your hands

If you are planning to take a trip then you must be wondering to what to take with when it comes to carry gadgets. This question troubles everyone. Earlier, people use to carry their film cameras and cassette players, walkman etc while travelling. But, today the options are endless when it comes to portable electronics. The market is filled with smart gadgets like Smartphones, laptops, tablets and DSLRs. So, most of the people get confused and generally carry a lot of technical gadgets on their trips, more than they actually going to need.

So, here is a quick guide created on the basis of traveling experiences to help the travelers in figuring out that what do you actually need on a trip –

Tablet – Tablets are a better option if you don’t have to work online. They are small, cheaper and lighter to carry. They offer better battery backup than laptops. You could carry Apple’s famous full size or mini iPads or Goggle’s Nexus. So, if your main use is reading, emailing and watching seasons or movies than creating new videos or documents, then choose a tablet computer with plenty of storage, available for backup, you can use an external SD card. You can also your tablet’s camera for clicking beautiful pictures.

Laptop – With the growing use of Wi-fi hotspots, the internet cafes are disappearing now. So, if your work needs you to be online again and again on your laptops then taking one with you on your trip, is important. It will easier to stay in touch and for maintaining the backup. You can go for Ultrabooks, which are light in weight and extremely thin laptops. Use protective sleeve to avoid bumps and starches. Carry a laptop that offer good battery backup and more than 128GB of storage. If your budget is tight, then you can consider buying the netbooks or tablets, too.

Mobile phone or Smartphone – Choose a phone which works as indispensable tool for travelling. The phone must have good storage plus a slot for microSD card to store all the apps, photos and entertainment stuff. Don’t forget to install all the required travel apps such as Skype, Google translate, etc. If you had to leave your kids at home then you definitely need to install a good Facebook or SMS tracking app, to keep a check on your kid while you are away for him or her. You must be wondering that how to hack someones facebook, don’t worry, it’s easy and you can do it without letting them know. There are apps that can help you with this and thus, makes your trip more relaxing as you can spy over someone even from a distance. 

E-book – If you are reader, then E-books are good for you. But, remember that you are going to be on a trip so there will a lot of new things to do and explore so if you feel that still you’ll be able to fine some leisure time and you are fond of reading, then only you should carry your e-book or else it will be a waste.