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TotalStay Group selects Triometric’s real-time XML intelligence technology to optimise critical web

TotalStay Group selects Triometric’s real-time XML intelligence technology to optimise critical web

Triometric, the leading provider of real-time operational and XML business intelligence to the online travel industry today announced that its unique Web Services Analyzer has been adopted by TotalStay Group.  A leading European accommodation wholesaler used by thousands of tour operators and travel agencies, TotalStay is deploying the Triometric platform to gain clear IT and business performance insights to support its growing and diverse customer and supplier base. The platform is helping TotalStay to monitor all XML traffic via APIs, analyse its dynamic inventory and bookings and to maintain the health of the web services environment that is critical to its online operations.

By monitoring live XML web service feeds, TotalStay’s IT operations and business teams benefit from deep actionable insights into company performance.  Using the Web Services Analyzer, TotalStay IT operations pro-actively:
• Track the health of the web services infrastructure
• Set alerts to detect and resolve degradation of service, latency or capacity issues
• Improve speed, reliability and availability of all web services and applications to ensure high customer satisfaction
• Monitor, detect, report and resolve XML errors
• Speed up ‘onboarding’ of newly connected clients
At the same time, the TotalStay business teams responsible for inventory management and relations with travel product suppliers use the customized business metrics dashboards [integral to the Analyzer] to:
• Monitor search traffic demand and real-time inventory availability to ensure inventories keep pace with customer needs
• Analyse distribution channels and supplier performance to pro-actively manage these relations
• Augment customer services with increased reporting options available

Designed for scalability and flexibility, Triometric Web Services Analyzer delivers TotalStay with a unique blend of operational performance monitoring and business insights to support the company’s growth with optimum service. Capable of monitoring millions of live XML search, response & booking transactions per day, the Triometric platform provides key web infrastructure performance metrics that track latency or service issues and key business insights relating to product supply and demand.

Stuart Nassos, Chief Operations Officer at TotalStay commented: “ in today’s competitive online travel market it is more important than ever to ensure the seamless running of optimised web services for our clients and to have real-time inventory data available to drive profitable decisions. We are delighted to be working with Triometric to obtain the analytic dashboards to propel our business to the next level”

Matthew Goulden, CEO of Triometric added: “We are delighted that TotalStay has selected Triometric’s proven Web Services Analyzer technology to gain real-time intelligence to help them continuously monitor and optimise their web services performance while also managing suppliers and inventory planning with live data. We look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure they get the most out of their XML data”.