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Top 5 Cycle Routes In The UK

Such is the joy of cycling on a bright sunny day that many become quickly addicted to this healthy and vibrant hobby. The great thing about cycling is that it is an activity that is available to people of all ages. Both the young and old can get involved at all sorts of levels, whether they simply want to get fit and healthy whilst exploring where they live, or if they wished to pit their skills against other enthusiasts in time trials and races. There are so many different ways to get involved in the sport of cycling that it can be a difficult task to choose your bike accessories and what type of bike will suit you best. If you intend to do most of your cycling on the roads then you should consider lighter framed road bikes with thinner tires will allow you to travel with the minimum of effort. If off-road adventure is more your type of entertainment then you will need far more rugged machine to deal with the rigours of your day’s activities.

England offers some of the best cycling in the whole of Europe, with a temperature that is being ideally suited to this kind of physical effort. As the UK boasts over 5000 miles of dedicated signed cycle paths is no surprise how many people are hooked on this sport.

This is great news for the newly initiated cycle enthusiasts, as the trails have been well and truly blazed by many thousands before you. It would take a whole book to cover the depth and breadth of beautiful and scenic cycle routes that are available in the UK so here is a short list of five of our favourites to whet your appetite.

Grand Union Canal.
England has a proud tradition of transport via canals and waterways with a great many of these routes becoming famous and well-frequented destinations for cyclists. One hugely popular route follows the Grand Union Canal towpath from its source in the centre of Milton Keynes via Leighton Buzzard to the south eventually arriving in Bletchley. This tranquil and scenic excursion allows the cyclist to escape from motorised transport and get close to nature.

Epingham, Rutland.
Understanding the British psyche, it’s no surprise that a great many cycle routes revolve around frequenting pubs. If you fancy supping a cold pint en route then we heartily recommend Epingham in Rutland. Not only does this offer the opportunity to experience outstanding natural beauty as you traverse one of Europe’s biggest man-made reservoirs but you also get the chance to stop at several traditional English pubs such as the Famous White horse.

Whitehaven to Sheriff’s Gate, Cumbria.
For the beginner, a shorter route may be a better bet, allowing the opportunity to take things at a slower pace and take advantage of a cycles nimble navigation to explore any knocks and crannies that catch your eye. Cumbria offers several such routes, with plenty of interest along the way, and we would particularly recommend starting at White Haven harbour and traveling towards Cleartor Moor.

Bridgewater to Glastonbury
The relaxed pace of the cyclist offers ample opportunity to check out some of the U.K.‘s sites of historical interest, and few places in the country have more to offer than the south-west. This 19-mile trip offers level terrain and stunning countryside, culminating in you and your bikes arrival at the picturesque location of Glastonbury Tor.

Thetford to Watton.
This journey travels through a landscape of heath, pine and forests that is sure to delight and entrance. Stunning natural beauty and easy terrain can be experienced with this route that will excite beginners and experts alike.