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Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Lists His 5 Favourite Things to Do in the Countryside

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Lists His 5 Favourite Things to Do in the Countryside

It was just last month that the whole of Sweden was put on Airbnb by Visit Sweden and now Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has made an official statement in which he expresses his enthusiasm and hope for the Freedom to Roam campaign, as well as listing his five favourite things to do while exploring the rich and lush countryside of Sweden. The Prime Minister emphasizes the fact that the tourism industry and the government are working together to promote Sweden as the natural wonder, which it so clearly is.

Freedom to Roam
In accordance with the Swedish Constitutional Right of Public Access, the Freedom to Roam campaign by Visit Sweden is about popularizing the fact that anyone in Sweden, whether he/she is a tourist or a citizen, can explore any part of the nation’s vast natural wilderness. Anyone can sleep, eat, and stay wherever they wish, as long as they don’t negatively impact the environment or disturb the local wildlife in any way. It is placing an emphasis on the fact that Sweden is not about manmade structures or historical sites. Rather, it is a place of pure natural bliss, which anyone and everyone is free to explore and enjoy as much as they wish.

How the Prime Minister Enjoys It
Being an ardent supporter of Freedom to Roam campaign, and a strong nature lover, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven lists the following activities as his favourite ones whenever he has a chance to get in touch with nature.
1. Kasta macka, which literally means “throw a sandwich” is actually about skipping stones on a lake.
2. Waffle and ice cream with Swedish cloudberries, or as it is known over there, Gold of the North
3. Wood chopping in the morning at his summer house in North Sweden
4. Walking amongst the lush green forests
5. Watching the coastline of Höga Kusten with his wife and enjoying a glass of wine

The Tourist Attractions
Currently, the very motto of the Swedish tourism industry is to promote the nation’s natural landscapes, wildlife, and the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere. While there are, of course, plenty of other attractions in the area other than the forests and lakes, the main idea is to draw the attention of adventurers from all around the globe so that they choose to come and explore the Swedish countryside. Kayaking, hiking, camping, and exploring are the prime activities highlighted in the Freedom to Roam initiative, but the liberty to go, eat, and sleep anywhere you wish is applicable in every public place within Sweden.
Blessed with some of the most picturesque natural locations in the entire world, the tourism industry and the government are now focussing on their natural gifts to attract global tourism. This vision is being moved forward primarily by Visit Sweden, the communications company which is in charge of making it all happen.