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PriceTravel launches operations in Colombia

PriceTravel launches operations in Colombia

PriceTravel, Mexico’s most innovative travel agency, begins operations in Colombia with the official launch of and the opening of five retail travel kiosks strategically located in some of Bogota’s most prominent shopping centers: Gran Estación, Plaza de las Américas, Salitre Plaza, Hayuelos and Santa Fe. The company’s efforts in the market will be managed by travel industry leader Hernando Bustamente, Colombia operations manager, who will oversee an initial team of more than a dozen employees, announced Oliver Reinhart, PriceTravel’s chief executive officer.

According to Reinhart, PriceTravel will be the first travel operator to bring the ease of online purchases directly to consumers in Colombia through innovative retail kiosk locations. Kiosk visitors will be able to compare prices, access visuals, get quotes with no hidden fees, and make purchases in real time.  The kiosks also offer personalized customer service via knowledgeable professionals who will help users plan and purchase the best deals for travel in Colombia, Mexico, South America, the United States, the Caribbean and Spain.

The website and the company’s retail kiosks will offer a wide range of travel products including vacations to more than 3,000 hotels, airline tickets, packaged deals, ground transportation, tours and car rental services. Customers will have the flexibility to pay for their purchases using cash or any major credit or debit card, as well as the innovative “Advanced Partial Payment Option”, that allows customers to block their reservation with an initial down payment and pay the remaining amount in comfortable partial payments until their day of departure.

“Ease of purchase, personalized customer attention and offering the best deals have been the three primary pillars for PriceTravel in Mexico over the last 12 years,” said Diego del Vecchio, PriceTravel’s chief marketing officer, “and we are committed to bringing that same experience to Colombian travelers to quickly become the best option in the market.