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Personal Finance Tips for the Best and Most Affordable Vacation

Personal Finance Tips for the Best and Most Affordable Vacation

Going to LA (or leaving from LA to go to another exciting city in the world) is a great way to spend a vacation. But it’s easy to miss out on some of the best times simply because you spend too much too early. If you want to plan an affordable vacation without sacrificing fun and frivolity, there are some important techniques to learn from the best finance blogs around the internet. We’ve accumulated the best of these planning techniques and skills, and we’ll talk about all of them below.

How to Have an Affordable Vacation in LA or Anywhere Else
Ever wonder how people like you afford amazing vacations? On one hand, they might charge it to the credit card, in which case this is probably not the best financial practice. On the other hand, they might do the following. Learning and applying these skills proves that having a great vacation with a normal income isn’t magic or luck. It’s all about planning and practice.

1) Cutting Costs on Lodging. This is an incredible way to save while traveling. There are many options on how to do so as well. For one, you could simply book your hotel well in advance, getting the best rates on your room. You could also wait till the last minute (as long as location isn’t your highest priority) and bid on hotel rooms which haven’t been booked. You could also change your ideas about where it’s possible to stay while traveling. Hostels, the Couch Surfer’s network, and the spare bedroom at your friend or relative’s house - all of these can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over buying a hotel room. AirBNB is also a great option in almost every city, and can often provide a more unique experience for less money than you’d spend on a hotel. Rented campers and other nontraditional vehicles, as well as plain ol’ camping, can also get you on the road for very little money.

2) Cutting Costs on Food. Let’s face it, eating awesome food is one of the best parts of traveling. But when every meal is eaten in an expensive restaurant, you can blow your budget real quick. A great alternative is to eat out only once a day, cooking in your room or place of lodging. This is also a great time to connect with people you might know, to enjoy meals at a home once in awhile. Be choosy about your eating and plan splurges carefully. This way you’ll stay within budget and be able to vacation more often.

3) Be Willing to Explore. Paying to be entertained every minute of every vacation is extremely costly. But experienced vacationers know that some of the best aspects of being on holiday is getting to explore the new area. If you are in a city, give yourself a free tour along routes mapped out or shown through apps. If you are out in nature, take some time to enjoy the peace and quiet, while searching for the most beautiful spot around where you are staying. Exploration can seem like work before you get used to it. But with experience, you’ll learn how to sniff out exciting and rewarding experiences in the place you’re staying in.

Having a vacation is an awesome way to spend your time. Make it happen for yourself as much as possible by learning to save and budget well during vacation. Save up money throughout the year, consider going to more affordable spots than you see on TV, and practice the tips listed above, and you’ll find that having a great vacation is something you can do more often than you previously thought.