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Only the Finest: The Best All-Inclusive Luxury Cruises

Only the Finest: The Best All-Inclusive Luxury Cruises

For those of you who have ever endured the long-lasting pleasure of an all-expenses-paid vacation, you probably know just how magnificent the term, “All Inclusive,” actually is! Newlyweds often save for months, even years, to afford all-inclusive honeymoons to one or more Couples Resorts. What if we took that mentality though and applied it to a cruise; but not just any cruise—an all-inclusive luxury cruise. The best all inclusive luxury cruises make sure that passengers enjoy the most extravagant vacation, combining first class airfare, exotic meals, and more fine wine than you care to take on.

If we were to compare the difference between a regular cruise and luxury cruise—both all-inclusive, of course—there would be a significant distance. For one, the proportion of staff to guests is fairly even on an all-inclusive luxury cruise, meaning that each guest is pampered beyond what they could have imagined. Also, as with most all-inclusive vacations, there may be a diverse array of activities to keep even the most stubborn mind at bay. An all-inclusive luxury cruise for example, may take the term “wine-and-dine” to a whole new level by adding caviar and fancy chocolate on the beach.

Rather than throw a bunch of facts at you, take a look for yourself. Here are five of the best all-inclusive luxury cruises:

SeaDream Yacht Club
Luxury and yachts are practically synonymous with one another, so combine the aspect of extravagant yachts and supersize it, you have what are referred to as “mega-yachts.” Typically reserved for the excessively wealthy, mega-yachts are the peak of luxury. Now guess what? The SeaDream Yacht club has two magnificent mega-yachts in their fleet.

Perhaps I’m underestimating the sheer size of these vessels. Each of SeaDream’s mega-yachts can comfortably accommodate more than 100 people, not to mention boarding a staff of 95 crew members who are paid exclusively to pamper. Purchasing an all-inclusive vacation on one of these mega-yachts will make you feel like one of the rich and powerful. Obviously, you get a luxurious room with stunning views of the ocean, and luxurious dining accommodations to keep you fed. As far as keeping busy, an all-inclusive SeaDream vacation includes the use of all the bells and whistles including jet skis, glass-hulled kayaks, and a variety of other watersports. On board the ships, guests can enjoy a few hands of blackjack at the casino, practice their downward-facing dog position in yoga, or get back to nature by enjoying a movie outdoors.

Crystal Cruises
Crystal cruises has always been a top player in the world of luxury cruises, although they didn’t offer all-inclusive cruise accommodations until 2012. Enter Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. These two luxury ships make up the Crystal Cruises all-inclusive fleet; and they don’t take all-inclusive lightly. Passengers can enjoy fancy meals at the onboard restaurants, sip on some premium wine, and did I mention that the airfare is included?

As far as boredom goes, it doesn’t exist! Passengers can take on a vigorous workout with the numerous fitness classes onboard, or perhaps tap into their intellectual side with various classes in art and computer science. Crystal Cruises also kicks it up a notch by hosting extensive golf lessons taught by none other than tournament professionals, as well as entertaining speaking engagements from famous celebrities. If cost isn’t a factor, the extravagant penthouse suites can boost the level of luxury exponentially, especially when you take into account that each suite is attended to by a private butler.

Silversea Cruises
For vacation-seekers looking for a custom-tailored, luxurious cruise, look no further than Silversea Cruises. Guests can pick and choose a variety of options to make sure their vacation is catered specifically to their needs. As far as all-inclusive goes, guests have the option of including their roundtrip airfare and even any hotel accommodations needed before boarding the ship.

Silversea Cruises goes above and beyond to ensure their passengers are completely pampered, even going as far as to offer private butlers to cater to each and every whim. While commercial cruise liners can house upwards of a thousand guests, these smaller luxury vessels can only accommodate a few hundred, ensuring that personal service is top notch. On board the ships, passenger can indulge in a number of culturally-based classes including dancing and cooking, among others. However, Silversea Cruises is very well known for its exotic destinations. For instance, you could book a trip to the heart of Aussie country—Australia—and since the activities are offered based on the destination, you could enjoy a side-trip to the Sydney Opera House.