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No need to leave your pet out of your Travel Plans at Gulf Shores

No need to leave your pet out of your Travel Plans at Gulf Shores

We all need to break away from the same old environment every once in a while, right? And, as a part of your family, you would definitely want to take your pet with you. However, travelling with a pet can be a bit stressful since they need a lot of constant care and attention. So, what do you do? Do you hire a pet-sitter and just leave them behind?

In all fairness, your pet too needs to go to a different environment sometimes. So, here is the good news; you can now opt for a pet friendly courier service as well enjoy the lion’s share of many the Gulf Shores rentals in Alabama on the market so that your little buddy can tag along with you.

Ask for help from a pet courier service
A pet courier service not only ensures that you enjoy the trip with your pet but also makes sure that it is safe and comfortable. These services can be availed by air as well as road. Moreover, you won’t have to worry even a tad bit for your pet as the transport systems are highly comfortable that offer nice interior, proper air conditioning, temperature control and plenty of snacks and fresh treats to make your pet feel close to home. Some even allow you to contact them during the transport. Also, genuine safety precautions like- use of microchips for identification, vaccination prior to the journey, properly locked kennels or caters, and insurance for your pet during the journey are an additional advantage.

Choose a comfortable kennel
Choosing the right kennel plays a very important role while transporting your pet as it not only ensures safety but also the comfort and happiness for your pet.

Features of a good pet kennel:
A good kennel is one that can provide maximum comfort to your pet so that it reaches back to you with a happy and uplifted mood.

1. It should have no wheels. In case it does have wheels, they should be removable.
2. It should have extra space for your pet to be able to turn around, lie down, and stand in addition to sitting.
3. It should be made of a rigid, sturdy material like metal, wood or plastic.
4. It should have extra bolts for emergency.
5. It should have easy-to-carry handles.
6. It should have secured latch instead of a lock.

Make the kennel travel ready
Once you select the right kennel from your chosen pet courier service, make sure to take some extra precautions from your side to be 100% sure of your pet’s safety. For instance, you can add a name tag, special handling instructions and feeding instructions or your contact information. You can add something reflective for easy identification of your pet’s kennel. In addition to this, make sure that the kennel is properly padded with bedding made from cloth or paper.

Book a pet friendly stay
It is advisable to check with your hotel or holiday home beforehand whether or not they allow pets in their premises. Thankfully, many Gulf Shores rentals are now pet friendly so you won’t have to make a lot of effort; either call and ask or if you are booking your hotel online, check if ‘pet friendly’ is mentioned under your selected dates of stay.

Have fun!