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Nightlife and Partying in Majorca

Nightlife and Partying in Majorca

Welcome to the cosmopolitan Majorca! This sunny and friendly Spanish island is a staple for all kinds of holidays, from family oriented to clubbing to sightseeing and anything in between! If you decide to book your holidays in Majorca for clubbing however be prepared to get a taste of the madness as the nightclubs go on to the early morning and the laid back bars are abundant whenever you decide to chill along to the warm weather and stylish vibes!

Whatever your fancy might be, the city of Palma will definitely have you covered! Pick and choose from a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants and find the right spot for you and your friends. Chill after long day at the beach with a glass of local wine and tapas or go for a pint in one of the few pubs around town and you’ll certainly have a great time wherever you might end up in after having one too many.

Nightclubs Megaclubs and Discos
Are you a fan of good ol’ clubbing? Are massive speakers and lots of people dancing to the best DJs around the world your thing? Then you certainly have to visit the mega clubs around the predominantly British and legendary Magaluf and have the time of your life! Pack your raving sunglasses and your sneakers and be prepared to get blown away. However as a word of advice, if you decide to have your holidays in Majorca on full season be keep an eye out and book early to avoid missing out on your favourite club nights.

Live music Venues
If you prefer to stay away from the touristy madness and want to enjoy some live jazz or blues music and anything in between then Pollensa and Cala d’Or are the places to visit. Stroll around the upbeat hip bars and live music venues and get lost in the bluesy sounds of a crying electric guitar or the harmonious and wonderful cacophony of jazz saxophones and trumpets.

Classical music venues and opera
Not all music tastes are the same so if you decide to go for a night out to enjoy a live concert or opera in a medieval castle, Deià and Sóller are the go-to places. The Bellver castle in Sóller is a famous stage for most of the classical music events on the island which during the summer months and the classical music festivals throughout the year will satisfy even the most demanding listeners. On the other hand Deià is home to some more live music venues with a variety of music performances on offer. However if you plan on visiting a classical concert during your holidays in Majorca, be prepared to pack a more formal outfit as flip flops and shorts won’t do in most cases.

Beach Bars
If you have decided to make up for the lost time of not being on the beach during the rest of your life or you just want to keep the party going after a few cervezas at your favourite beach club, the Bay of Palma gets wilder and louder the later it gets. Holidays in Majorca are a great opportunity to spend as much time as you can on the beach so why not do it while partying?