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New Zealand, Japan And other countries set to reopen their borders to travellers

New Zealand, Japan And other countries set to reopen their borders to travellers

Travellers looking to soar the skies and enter the countries of Japan, New Zealand, and Samoa, can rejoice as that possibility is very much available again. The travel rule change comes as a result of worldwide ease of restrictions and a larger proportion of success in regard to vaccination schemes globally. While a larger majority are vaccinated, numbers of transmission are still on the rise, and as a result tourism has been left hanging by a thread. Many regions depend on tourism as a source of financial stability, meaning it was practically impossible to keep borders closed for a longer period of time.

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Travel rule changes
New Zealand announced their borders will be fully open to travellers from July 31st. The travel update was announced two months prior, to ensure there was plenty of time to administer the changes, both geographically and economically. Japan additionally have moved ahead with changes to their strict travel regimes without an actual confirmation of when they will be relaxing their travel restrictions. As of now, it is believed that within the next two weeks, an official date will be released to confirm Japan’s new terms when involving travellers over the border.

Polynesian island of Samoa will open in August, however the specific details of what the ease of restrictions will entail, is still not clear and fixed. Some believe that testing at least will be required for those that wish to enter, while others believe a selection of both vaccination and testing could be used to accommodate travellers of different health backgrounds. Earlier this week however, Samoa did reduce their transmission levels for the region from a ‘high 3’ down to a ‘moderate 2’, meaning the disease control believes the virus transmissions to be under much more control, with credit to the vaccination programme. Not far away from the island however, other islands within the Caribbean have higher transmission rates, meaning the chance that the levels of transmission for the island going back up, could be very likely. Making it completely understandable why the action plan from welcoming travellers has yet not been disclosed for this very reason.

What to expect?
While locations like New Zealand, have been very honest and open about their plans to welcome travellers once again, other surrounding countries have different attitudes with respect to opening their borders again. It is understandable, as the pandemic has wreaked havoc on more than just the economy, the very trust that society has in being back to close contact in everyday life, is nerve wracking and intimidating. While some countries such as the UK, have taken away all restrictions recklessly (as quoted by CNN) -including mask requirements , others believe it is necessary to ease restrictions slowly, with reference to public data and the stats that prove vaccination schemes are working.

Nevertheless, this is an entire new ball game for most nations to figure out on their own. Some believe that life must get back to normal, as the economy has been shackled to limitations upon limitations, while certain regions within Europe believe restrictions should be held to some degree, to protect the onset of future mutations. At this point everyone has different opinions on what is appropriate moving forward, but maintaining safety for the sake of the vulnerable will most likely continue to be prioritised in some shape or form, nonetheless.