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Importance of travel agents in a post-pandemic world

Importance of travel agents in a post-pandemic world

As the travel sector begins to redefine itself after a turbulent two years, agents find themselves in a unique position to truly drive demand. In the dynamic world of post-pandemic travel, the need for trust, assurance, and expert advice has never been greater, and travel agents such as ZuBlu are ready-and-waiting to guide guests towards the getaway of their dreams.

Since the start of the pandemic, agents have kept a keen eye on the status of international travel and tirelessly monitored continuous changes to vaccine requirements, border closures, and flight regulations and requirements. Used to working closely alongside many individual suppliers, experienced travel agents have also been staying abreast of regulatory differences on a regional level throughout the world and, in many cases, diving right down into individual resort procedures.

Being fluent in the intricate rules and regulations of individual countries, airlines, and suppliers has gifted agents with a whole new relevance, helping travellers navigate the new normal procedures, providing insurance, and shaping their expectations. With near-insurmountable complications facing travellers who have to contact every hotel, airline and dive operator for reliable, up-to-date information, the responsibility falls on agents to put the fun and simplicity back into international travel.

Having spent months in lockdown, and realising the difficulties that now accompany international travel - PCR tests and potential quarantines to name but a few - many travellers are determined to make their next trip count. This has fuelled an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, with longer, more extravagant, and more costly holidays becoming the norm. Thankfully, travel agents are experienced in delivering trips of this nature, offering bespoke and creative advice for families, couples, and solo travellers alike.

The uniquely tangible position of travel agents in an industry now marred by uncertainty, has also drawn travellers seeking for an extra level of security. Benefits such as receiving instant clarity on how sudden rule changes will directly affect an individual traveller’s situation, as well as increased protection should a holiday fall through, are proving to be invaluable in the current climate. And, with some agents even offering 24-hour customer service, they are always on hand to provide perhaps the most important service of all - a feeling of reassurance. After all, holidays are supposed to be relaxing.