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Moving? Learn how to file your change of address online

Moving? Learn how to file your change of address online

Notifying loved ones of your impending move will ward off the chances of you becoming a culprit of failing to pay your bills, failing to savor your cherished magazines, losing touch with your loved ones and it brings much-needed normalcy in your life amid the relocation disarray.

To ease the process of changing your address, planning is crucial. It starts by addressing a few queries like, such as, who needs to know? Make a list of everyone you’d want to inform about your impending move. Your list could be long, yet, the more exhaustive it is, the easier the process of change of address.

When and where should you file your switch of address online?
You may start the process of changing your address right away and insert the date you wish the alteration to take effect. Visit to begin the process. Bear in mind that it usually takes 5-7 days for changes to take effect.

Process of requesting address change online
First, you need a credible email address and a debit card or credit card. To protect your personal information, verification of your information is done electronically with your bank issued debit or credit card.

Choosing a permanent or temporary change of address
On the assumption that you reside in the US, you’d wish to change your address via, but before starting the process, you’ll have to determine whether to request a permanent or temporary change of address.
The former allows for the dispatching of your mail to your new address for a stipulated duration. It covers periodicals and first-class mail; however, standard mail such as catalogs and circulars aren’t included.
The permanent COA is availed to firms already subscribed to the National Change of Address Service as well as business mailers on request.
If your plans entail spending the summer in some place cooler or the winter in some place warmer, a temporary COA might suit you best. This service enables you to receive first-class mail as well as periodicals delivered piece by piece to your new address for a fixed duration say 15 days to six months. In the case you aren’t keen on returning home, you can prolong the service for up to a year.

An alternative to an interim COA is the premium forwarding service. However, instead of piece-by-piece delivery, your mail is packed in one shipment and dispatched to you via priority mail every Wednesday. The service includes a one-time admission payment and a low weekly reshipment charge.

After filing for changes to your address, you should expect a move confirmation letter to reach your old address, not unless you’d have moved. Also, 7-10 days after your COA operative date, a confirmation is sent to your new address, and a welcome kit containing valuable information, coupons, special offers and a community guide.