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Lanzarote offers an all year round holiday experience

Lanzarote offers an all year round holiday experience

With the stresses and headaches of everyday life it’s no surprise that the need for a holiday is no
longer timetabled for the summer alone. However, planning a holiday can be almost as stressful as the daily commute. Sometimes, all we want to do is relax and Lanzarote is a haven in which to do so, offering a beacon of relaxation all year round.

Why not combat the winter blues by jetting off over to the sunshine of the Canary Islands? Offering on average 20C in the winter months you can lie back and soak up the rays; coming back with a real tan to the envy of your friends. If that isn’t hot enough for you, then you can take a trip across to Timanfaya National Park – home to inactive volcanoes since the 18th century. If the above ground volcanoes don’t do it for you then make your way down under the ocean and explore life under the sea. January also sees the arrival of the Dia de los Reyes festival. The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, experience the food, music and dancing whilst avoiding the shivers of the bitter chills back home!

If it’s a mid year break you fancy, Christmas feels too long ago and summer too far away, Co Operative travel offer 5 day Lanzarote holidays for as little £207. It’s also a fantastic time to take the children out on an Easter holiday. Kiko land offers a world of colours and characters under a landscape of sunny skies for a perfect fairytale adventure for the children. Take advantage of the lighter evenings and go sight seeing. Lanzarote houses some of the world’s most beautiful scenes.

Mirador del Rio sports stunning views across the Atlantic and is also right next to a quaint fishing village Caleta del Sebo, a prime opportunity to splurge on souvenirs and have an authentic bite to eat.

If traditional summer time holidays are your scene then Lanzorate doesn’t fail to deliver. With over 900 hours of sunlight through it’s peak Summer period it’s a prime location for sun soaking and relaxing. An ideal time to take the chance and visit the El Grifo wine museum. Follow their famous wine trails basking under the summer sun and then take a taste of the wines they have on offer. It’s also the prime time for activities across Lanzorate beaches with boat trips taking you to the best locations for snorkelling and fishing. If getting wet isn’t for you, there’s even the option of underwater safaris.

Lanzarote really does have it all no matter what time of year you want to whip out your passport.

Package deals can be grabbed that don’t break the bank, so, if sun sand and stress-free fun sounds like your idea of fun then it really is the destination for you.