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Interview with Tariq Yousef Dowidar, Vice President Saudi Arabia, Aleph Hospitality

Interview with Tariq Yousef Dowidar, Vice President Saudi Arabia, Aleph Hospitality

What are your core areas of focus when it comes to investment? I.e in the areas of innovation, sustainability, human capital and/or technology?
I am proud to share that Aleph Hospitality has invested heavily in developing our technology infrastructure, particularly through mobile and web applications. These tools provide property owners and managers with real-time information, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly.
Furthermore, sustainability is a key pillar of our investment philosophy. We actively seek out businesses that not only generate profits but also align with our ethical values. We are committed to supporting owners who demonstrate a strong dedication to environmental preservation, as evidenced by our sustainability programme, Aleph Cares.

What is your outlook for the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East in 2024 and beyond?
Looking ahead, I strongly believe there is a promising outlook for the hospitality industry, particularly within Saudi Arabia. This optimism stems from the observable and continuous growth in tourism across various cities, and the significant enhancements seen in activities and seasonal events. There is a clear and compelling trend catching the attention of investors to explore opportunities within the sector. This surge in demand, when combined with a limited supply, is creating an environment conducive for growth and expansion.

What does your panel/presentation/workshop at FHS focus on and what will delegates be able to take away from your session?
My session at FHS will concentrate predominantly on highlighting the tourism potential within the secondary cities of Saudi Arabia. Our kingdom offers a varied range of scenery, from stunning landscapes, striking mountains, and verdant greenery to white snow.

We are progressing with a close-knit collaboration with investors and numerous government sectors to further evolve and bolster these cities. The primary aim is to bring into light their attractive features and inspiring facets that would appeal to tourists from across the globe. Moreover, we believe that the introduction of prominent international franchise brands would serve to escalate this appeal. Offering hospitality of international standards in these locations would undoubtedly attract potential tourists.

In the session, delegates will get the opportunity to understand the enormous potential secondary cities in Saudi Arabia hold in the tourism industry. They will gain invaluable insights into our strategies and collaborative efforts intended to develop these cities and attract tourism. It’s an excellent opportunity for delegates to learn about tourism’s emerging frontier.


What are you looking forward to most from your attendance at FHS Saudi Arabia?
I anticipate insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and innovative ideas. I envision FHS as a platform that will shape the future of the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia, fostering growth through collaboration and innovation.