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Interesting Tourist Attractions You Want To Consider Visiting In Melbourne

Interesting Tourist Attractions You Want To Consider Visiting In Melbourne

Marvellous Melbourne (as it is locally referred to) is one of Australia’s main tourist destinations, a city that does offer various different travel activities that one can enjoy. By simply taking a look at the list of things to do in Melbourne you can find many interesting options. We will now mention some of the tourist attractions that are really popular so you know where to start creating your list of destinations to not miss on the next visit.

Federation Square
This place opened in the year 2002 and the reactions were mixed among locals. No matter the case, now it is a huge part of the city and one location that tourists are going to simply adore. Many visit it as the very first stop on the trip. There are around 2,000 events that are held here every single year. Entertainment is definitely something that you will find. To make everything even more interesting, you can visit the Ian Potter Gallery and the Australian Centre For The Moving Image.

Royal Botanic Gardens
We cannot make a list of the main tourist attractions available in Melbourne without mentioning the Royal Botanic Gardens, located to Yarra River’s south, close to CBD. It appeared in the year 1846 and now stands out as one of the best of the botanic gardens in the world. There are 40 hectares covered and you can see close to 50,000 plants. If you are looking for a walking tour, you will want to consider the beautiful Aboriginal Heritage Work.

Southbank And Arts Centre Melbourne
If you are close to the Yarra River you will surely want to also visit this centre. It is really close to Flinders Street Station and will give you access to a highly cultural rich tourist attraction. You will find many indoor and outdoor cafes, live entertainment and restaurants in Southbank Promenade and if you visit during a Sunday, you will be able to experience an excellent arts and crafts local market. In the Arts Centre you will find different wonderful theaters, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra often performing here.

National Gallery Of Victoria
This is the oldest of all the country’s public art galleries. It currently holds close to 70,000 art works in 2 locations in Melbourne. At the building on St, Kilda Road you will be able to see a really interesting international collection. The branch was renovated in the year 2003 and now looks stunning. Its Great hall is renowned. This is where visitors will have a really interesting experience. If you are interested in seeing the Australian collection, you will want to visit Federation Square for the gallery’s Ian Potter Gallery. The main attraction here is the showcase of the history of local art, ranging from the Aboriginal period to the renowned Heidelberg School, together with contemporary media.

The attractions that we mentioned are just some of the many that can be visited in Melbourne and among the most attractive. You may want to visit something else though or you may like another spot. Let us know if this is the case through a comment.