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Inside the hotel where Kate Middleton spent last night before the Royal Wedding

Inside the hotel where Kate Middleton spent last night before the Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton today moves into Royal Apartment of the Goring Hotel in London’s Belgravia, where she will spend her last night as a commoner.

The £5,000-a-night suite is situated on the top floor of the historic hotel, and has just undergone a £150,000 makeover.

The princess-in-waiting will stay in the apartment with her mother and sister, and is due to leave the hotel at 10:51am and arrive for the ceremony promptly at 11.

Features of the revamped mix traditional with cutting-edge technology. The four-poster bed comes with a television built into the end of it, which pops up at the press of a button. Another has a television built into the bath – and an original 19th Century lavatory by Thomas Crapper. The walk-in shower includes an oil painting behind a glass screen.

Room lighting adapts to the seasons. Walls have been covered in Gainsborough silk costing £500 per square metre.

(The four-poster bed inside the Royal Apartment)

The drawing room also has a grand piano and French windows opening on to a Juliet balcony with superb views over London.

The Edwardian hotel opened in 1910 and is still owned by the Goring family. It claims to have been the first hotel in the world to offer the luxury of a private bathroom for each room.

(A guest bedroom at the Goring)

Its proximity to the palace has given it long connections with the royal family. Queen Mary, William’s great-great grandmother, and his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother Elizabeth, both regularly took tea at the Goring. Queen Elizabeth II ate sausages and scrambled eggs there with her family when she was a young princess just after World War II.

But it received the ultimate PR coup when the Middleton family announced that Kate would spend her pre-wedding night there.

(The Goring Gardens - where the reception will be held for those not invited to Buckingham Palace)

The Middleton party have booked out all of the hotel’s 71 rooms for family and friends. They will also hold their own reception there for those not invited to the official Buckingham Palace party.

The hotel is not saying how much it is charging the Middletons, but its 71 rooms and suites normally cost between £410 and £1,525.