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Iconic sporting events worth travelling for

Iconic sporting events worth travelling for

Not only does sports provide us with a huge amount of entertainment and a way to de-stress from our day jobs, sporting events help to bring people together and introduce communities from different cultures around the world. Sport is also a great sense of passion and pride for each nation, in which it gives us a chance to represent our home countries on the world stage.

Every year, thousands of people travel around the world to spectate the latest sporting events, be it the Super Bowl in the US, the Grand Prix in Monaco or Wimbledon in the UK. These events also generate a huge amount of tourism, the likes of which can have a positive effect on the local economy and surrounding communities. So which sporting events should you be sure you’re not missing out on?

1. The Grand Prix, Monaco
If you’re a fan of Formula 1 then the Grand Prix should be top of your list for 2021. Held annually at the Circuit de Monaco, the next event will be held from the 20th to the 23rd of May, in which there are a range of experiences available to purchase. Official ticket packages include to the exclusive trackside yacht, the Ermanno clubhouse and a meet and greet experience with the F1 drivers themselves.

For ultimate F1 fans, there’s an option to purchase a luxury package, which includes a stay at the luxurious boutique Cap Estel Hotel, dinner at some of the best Michelin Star restaurants, a vineyard tour, a stay at one of Europe’s legendary golf venues, trackside views and access to the VIP after parties. It get’s pricey but is certainly worth it if you’re a fan.

2. The Super Bowl, USA
The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, with fans travelling from all over the globe to see the event. According to the expert handicappers at OLBG, the Chiefs are favorites to defend their title in February 2021, but it is by no means a foregone conclusion, with a whole host of teams expected to push them all the way. The Packers currently have a veteran quarterback in need of Super Bowl victory, with fans hoping that they’ll make it into the elite event.

This time, the event will be held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on the 7th of February, after the NFL moved the location of the 2021 games to 2022, which will now take place in LA. This time around, the Weeknd will also be headlining at the event, following in the footsteps of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, whose performances were watched by over 104 million people. 

3. Tour De France, France
The Tour De France is one of the oldest running sporting events in the world that’s still hugely popular today, having started in 1903. The grand finale of the 2000-mile ride is being held in Paris and is said to be the most popular of the three Grand Tours.

For those keen to spectate, it could not be in a better location with many visitors opting to stay in the heart of the city and get in a great deal of sight seeing while they’re there. From Notre Dame, to the Eiffel Tower, Museo D’orso and the Louvre, there’s plenty to do there and many hotels usually put on special offers around the time of the Tour.

4. Wimbledon, England
Thought of as the highlight of the British Summer, Wimbledon is thought of as a national pride and brings a great deal of tourism to London each year. As one of the word’s leading cosmopolitan cities, visitors can make the most of the event by staying in the heart of the city and check out some of the local historic sites, from the Tour of London, to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and London Bridge.

The event itself has been held since 1877 and lasts for two weeks each year, either in June or July. Those visiting should observe some of the strict traditions, including a rather formal dress code and the strawberry season that’s usually in bloom during this time.

5. The Grand National, England
Taking place since 1839, the Grand National is one of Britain’s most historic sporting events in which visitors can see some of the most renowned horse and jockeys race for over 4 miles. The event is traditionally held at Aintree Racecourse and features horses jumping over hurdles with impressive speed and agility.

Statistics suggest that the Grand National gets an average audience of around 600 million people each year, making it an event not to be missed.

6. The Australian Open, Australia
The Australian Open is a two weeklong event that showcases the very best in world tennis. Held in the city of Melbourne, the event one of four global grand tennis tournaments and is not to be missed by tennis Fans. While tickets are required to get into the event, the city is also a great place to visit during this time, as there’s a certain hustle and bustle that makes it an exciting place to be.

While this year’s sporting events have been fairy uncertain, these events of 2021 are set to be great and should definitely be noted in the calendar.