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How you can enter the holiday prize draws betting on the lottery with Lottoland

How you can enter the holiday prize draws betting on the lottery with Lottoland

Christmas bells are chiming everywhere, and Lottoland has not been left behind. With the holiday jackpots available at Lottoland, you stand the chance of starting the New Year in style. Some of the prices draw include the Lotto Mega draw, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, and the Round the World Trip Lottery. Here is a focus on the holiday trip price draws.

What is a Lottoland Passport to Paradise?
It’s great to win a lottery prize, but it is even better to win a free vacation to an awesome city destination. Lottoland offers nine lotteries that allow you to enter a prize draw for a trip to a great holiday destination. These nine lotteries are as follows:

• The French Lotto
• The Irish Lotto
• The Euro Lotto
• The US PowerBall
• The SuperEnalLotto
• The SA Powerball
• The Cash4Life
• The Melate
• The Mega-Sena

Furthermore, if you were to bet on all of the nine lotteries, you stand a chance to win holidays around the world with Lottoland.

How to Enter the Holiday Prize Draws
The first step is to visit the Lottoland website, the passport page, and click on the “opt in” button. After that, register your Lottoland account and verify your ID. You are not required to make a deposit or take any other action to be eligible for a free lotto prize draw entry. After the account has been verified, return to the passport page and choose “boarding pass” for the lotteries of the promo codes you have received.

After you choose the lottery, you will be directed to the “Cart” page wherein you will enter your promo code beside a gift icon. The amount to be paid will be £0.00, and after clicking “confirm”, your digital passport will get a stamp for the specific lottery you have chosen. You will enter the next lotto bet and its corresponding prize draw.

What are the Terms of the Holiday Price Draws
First of all, you need to bet on nine of the qualifying lotteries mention above. Each lottery has a corresponding destination. The number of days you stay at your travel destination will vary. For example, for the Cash4Life lottery, you get to spend five nights in New York, whereas, for the Irish Lotto, you only stay for three nights in Dublin. Each of the holiday destinations includes flights from a UK airport, a selection of activities, transfers, and accommodation for two people.

It is worth noting that the winners are required to book their holiday within six months. This is before the promotion period lapses. The winners are also required to travel within one year after booking.

The fun part is that those who win the “Round the World Trip” stand a chance to get £20,000 to spend. The winners are allowed to travel any time within a year of the lapsing of the promotion period. The bad news is that you cannot transfer prizes or get a cash alternative.

For every bet on a qualifying lottery, you stand a chance to enter the free prize draw of the round of the world trip. You can choose an alternative destination after winning. For example, instead of going to Dublin, you may opt to go to Paris. There is no limit to how many bets you can make on qualifying lotteries.

Summing It Up
There is no better way to spend your December holidays than in a faraway land with your partner. Lottoland makes it possible to travel around the world or to a specific destination with nine lotteries. The steps of entering the draw are pretty straightforward, and you only need to meet the terms and conditions to stand a chance of winning a trip to your favorite travel destination.