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How to Travel On a Budget

How to Travel On a Budget

Travelling is a real passion for many people, but it is difficult because it requires money. Many of us work hard and save up for our travels, but it is easier to enjoy your time abroad when you can save money while you do it. Here are a few ways to get the maximum enjoyment whilst still keeping to a tight budget.

Use the Sharing Economy
A recent survey carried out by Schofields Insurance discovered that 44% of solo travellers have stayed in an Airbnb property. 18% have even chosen to stay in a hostel. Price is a big aspect here and you can often save a lot of money by going the sharing route. Whether you are a solo traveller or part of a group, you can always find Airbnb rooms which are cheaper than hotels. You will likely be a lot more comfortable, too! Make sure that you vet your host thoroughly by checking reviews and background before you book.

Book at the Last Minute
Another tactic you can use is to book right at the last minute. This can be a little scary, as you never know if the hotel you want or the flight dates you would prefer will still be available. Booking late means that the tour operators and hotels will be desperate to fill those last few spaces. Many places only turn a real profit when they are operating at or near capacity! They will be able to make special deals for you in order to get you in, in the hope you will make up the difference by spending in the hotel bar or buying drinks on the plane.

Don’t Go Alone
Travelling solo is fun and freeing, but it often means that you have to pay increased fees for single occupancy. Join travel groups on social media and try to make friends, or use a matching service to find a roommate. Make an agreement with someone who wants to travel to the same place so that you can share a room. You don’t have to explore together or even get the same flight – but once you are sharing a room, the costs will go down. You could also try getting a large group of friends together for a holiday, as you can then rent a lodge or villa and pay a much lower price per person.

Travel at Off-Peak Times
Travelling at the peak times means that you get to see the local attractions at their best. However, you also see them at their busiest, and pay a premium for the privilege. Save some money by only travelling to locations which are in their off season. Everything will be cheaper through the whole booking process, and it will often be cheaper to go into attractions when you arrive as well. Make sure that you research ahead, as there are some destinations that more or less shut down in the off season, making them difficult to enjoy when you travel. Don’t ever travel during school holidays, as these are peak times for families to travel and therefore everything is very expensive!

Travelling on a budget is easy if you know what to do. With these tips, you can also find it just as enjoyable as if you had blown your life’s savings.