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How to Stream your Favorite Netflix Shows When Traveling Abroad

How to Stream your Favorite Netflix Shows When Traveling Abroad

For anyone who loves TV shows and movies, Netflix is a must have. This video streaming giant is available in 190 countries. Unfortunately, their library isn’t the same everywhere so it could be challenging to stream your favorite TV shows and movies online in a different country, however Surfshark can get around this and unblock.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to access other Netflix libraries. For example, watching Netflix USA when you’re in France. But how do you do this?

You can access your Netflix library from another country by using a VPN. For instance, let’s assume you want to access Netflix US. With a VPN, you can reroute the internet traffic to the US from wherever you are, then to Netflix servers. It allows them to think you’re still in the United States. Currently, there are lots of providers that offer this service.

Unfortunately, Netflix and other streaming companies are implementing measures to stop the use of VPN. To access Netflix, you need a VPN that’s not blacklisted by Netflix. It’s increasingly becoming difficult by the day. But why?

Well, each computer has a unique internet protocol address. However, you only share this address with those you share internet connection with or your neighbors. That’s because internet service providers aren’t giving unique IP addresses anymore and you’re sharing your IP with a handful of people.

So, in the case of VPNs, hundreds or thousands of people use a single IP to log into Netflix. That’s a red-flag, and Netflix assumes you’re using a VPN and blocks the address.

But despite this, VPN is still the best way to access Netflix from overseas. But how do you avoid detection?

Choose a VPN provider that’s still able to bypass the proxy restrictions on Netflix. The VPN should limit the number of people using the dedicated VPN to avoid detection by Netflix.

Let’s define a VPN and why it matters to travellers.

Which VPNs Works With Netflix
A VPN encrypts your internet traffic making you appear like you’re in a country where the VPN has a server. So, you’re able to browse Netflix on different platforms.

Since Netflix is available on different platforms, you have the freedom to choose the VPN that works best for you.

However, remember Netflix is vigilant on most VPN services. That’s why most paid or free VPNs aren’t able to access Netflix servers. So, make your selection for the best VPN wisely.

The process of installing a VPN is simple for all.
1. Identify the best VPN to use.
2. Install and switch it on.
3. In your VPN, select the country whose library you want to access.
4. Go to the Netflix website or open the Netflix app.
5. Enjoy the Netflix catalogue in that country.

Do you love streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix? Accessing this content overseas is quite a challenge. But don’t worry, with the right VPN, you can bypass the local licensing and stream your favorite movies from anywhere around the world.