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How to direct your career towards your passion?

How to direct your career towards your passion?

Passion is something you love to do in your life. If you can somehow direct your career towards your passion, life would really be fun and exciting for you. For example, you can think of to start your career as a flight attendant if you have that passion for travel. A flight attendant is the person who takes care of passengers in the flight. In this profession it will be easy for you to get an opportunity to meet people of different religions and cultures, and also you will be able to experience new things in life by visiting different new places. But this sort of travel job still won’t be much enjoyable as you will be bound to follow strict rules and regulations as mentioned in your job agreement. But there could be more options like becoming a travel blogger.
As a travel blogger you can work at your own convenience as this is not any type of job where you work for others. Here you publish content related to your travel experiences on your own travel blog or website. For example, if recently you visited Ohio than it is always possible to share your experience by writing in your blog about what you saw in Ohio or compiling an article like the one based on interesting facts about Ohio.

The only thing you need to do is to travel all over the world to gather as much unique information as possible and then publish it on your travel blog or website. Travelling all over the world will fulfil your passion, and sharing your experiences through writing will provide original content and images to your blog. Unique and original information and pictures will certainly make your website appealing to your website visitors and also will help to beat the competition. More the visitors you have, more the money you will make from your blog through ads. There are many ad serving companies (like Google Ad sense) that provide a JavaScript code to display ads on your blog or website, and these companies will pay you on the basis of pay-per-click if any of your website visitors click on the ad on your website. Also it is possible to make money from affiliate programs if you could generate great traffic for your blog or website.

Even if you have the passion in any other field other than travel, than also it is always possible to publish your acquired knowledge in your field on your blog, and then try and make money through ads from that blog. Suppose you have the passion for food and cooking, and you don’t like travelling. What you can also do is to write a book based on cooking and recipes and just make this book (in PDF format) available for purchase on many online retail websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Also you can make a blog related to food and keep working on it to publish more and more food related unique content in it. Also provide a link to your book from within content of your blog so that people can buy your book also on Amazon or eBay or give a direct link to your PayPal account to receive money directly. This will also help you to make money from selling of your book other than making money by displaying ads as mentioned earlier.

Hardest part is to generate traffic to your blog. If your blog is doing well in Google search, than it is quite easy to make money from Google search traffic but otherwise it will be very difficult. But there are specialists who can help you with that and they are often called search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. Take help of any good SEO person or some SEO company and they will do the job for you but they will charge their fee, and also their advertising and marketing expenses from you. But once your site starts doing well in Google search its quite easy money for you. Instead of hiring an SEO, you can also participate in online communities based on food and show your talent and product to them. Once the popularity of your book and knowledge will grow, your food blog will automatically starts ranking higher in Google. It is really not difficult at all. Only thing needed is to keep working to advertise your product to more and more people in online groups till you rank higher in Google.