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Hotels that rely on OTAs and Direct Bookings are missing out on serious business from North America!

Hotels that rely on OTAs and Direct Bookings are missing out on serious business from North America!

Dublin - In the U.S., 2015 marked a turning point: the use of the travel agent is recognized and on the rise! More and more American holidaymakers are demanding personalized service from a real person they can trust: the travel agent!

Travel Agents Do More! “Travel agents sell not only the room-night but the experience - OTAs do not! Travel agents send returning business - OTAs do not! Direct bookings are grand if they stumble your way! With OTAs you’re ranked on a long list by algorithms. With HoteliersFriend representing your hotel you’re always #1!”

Through its extensive network of travel industry connections across North America HoteliersFriend assists hoteliers in driving more business to their hotel!
The goal! “When they think of your destination they think of your hotel. An educated travel industry professional is your best partner! The travel agent must be knowledgeable about your hotel and its location. They can’t sell you if they don’t know you’re there! HoteliersFriend brings your hotel front and center. Finally, with HoteliersFriend you’re no longer simply lost on a list, you’re the focus!”

HoteliersFriend focuses on helping hotels improve their presence in North America with wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents by offering strategic sales planning, direct trainings, web trainings, trade-show presence and marketing campaigns.

The CEO of HoteliersFriend, Stephen Scott, has been promoting hotels, resorts and destinations to North America for over twenty years. With that extensive background in tourism, Stephen has brought an array of knowledge, experience and success to independent hotel companies throughout the world. Many colleagues and industry professionals have recognized Stephen as a self-motivated effective hands-on leader with excellent sales and marketing skills.