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Hotelmize: The winner of the front runners 2021 - Travel tech competition & summit in WTM London

Hotelmize: The winner of the front runners 2021 - Travel tech competition & summit in WTM London

Travel tech is advancing rapidly, unlocking new opportunities to all players in the travel industry. WTM has always been well known for being a reference for innovation, bringing the latest technology available to the tourism industry, a show that highlights all emerging solutions in the sector.

During the last few years, the event provided knowledge to the industry regarding the trending tech everyone should be looking at.

That’s why the Travel Forward event is celebrated in parallel to WTM on the same date. It is a show recognized as a place where you can meet the top minds in travel technology. You can find out the latest innovations in the travel tech sphere.

This year, revenue optimization technology has been the protagonist of Travel Forward and especially of the Front Runners Competition, a summit designed to discover top travel technologies. This year, it goes under the slogan “The Race to Sustainable Transformation.”

Revenue optimization has been key for travel companies in the last few months. That’s why the leading startup on profit optimization, Hotelmize, was the Summit winner under the category of Hospitality for the Future.

 Dor Krubiner at Front Runners Summit 2021

Hotelmize leverages cutting-edge technologies to unlock hidden hotel booking profits and emerging tech, including Big Data and AI, to make tour operators and travel agencies more competitive. Hotelmize tracks and analyzes reservations with its room mapping and AI prediction algorithm finding best rates on existing booking. Thanks to Hotelmize, thousands of companies in the travel sector can maximize their profits.

Hotelmize at WTM 2021
Dor Krubiner, CEO at Hotelmize, commented about the Award: “We are proud of having been chosen by WTM and Travel Forward as the technology travel companies need to use for the recovery and future of the industry.  We presented on stage our latest development on stage and the solution that has made us the leading fintech-travel start-up that offers revenue-boosting cutting-edge technology products to the travel industry. However, many other products are still to come in the next few months.” 

Hotelmize’s background
Hotelmize has been working on generating more profits from existing sales volume for travel companies worldwide for the last five years. One of the most attractive things about Hotelmize is that it is entirely automatic. Travel agencies and operators often steer away from cutting-edge travel tech because of the steep learning curve. With Hotelmize, there is no learning curve whatsoever. It works in the background and lets you generate higher profits.

The travel industry continues to increase technological potential with these solutions that will change how travel players operate. We are sure this prize will help Hotelmize keep expanding their solution in new markets and travel companies worldwide.