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FORMIA’s Tin Boxes now boarding: Turkish Airlines

FORMIA’s Tin Boxes now boarding: Turkish Airlines

FORMIA is delighted to announce the signing of a three year contract with Turkish Airlines to supply a new range of tailor-made amenity kits, including these eye-catching Tin Boxes. The deal forms part of a supply agreement which will see a number of FORMIA’s in-flight amenity kits and cosmetic items being provided to Turkish Airlines’ passengers as part of a wide-ranging makeover of the airline’s offer across its various flight classes and cabins. The new kits by FORMIA are being introduced during the first quarter of 2012.

This Economy Class Long Haul Kit inspires the traveller with two Tin Boxes each featuring a different world map print, turning the boxes into exceptional collector’s items. These two original designs, one or other being presented to passengers on-board, are just the start of a series of motifs that will follow in the years ahead, thus preserving the item’s novelty value and impact.

Containing a selection of comfort items and branded cosmetics, the Boxes’ robust structure and style invite passengers not only to enjoy them as charming objects in their own right, but to find a number of post-flight uses. 

One of the first themes to be launched on the tins is dedicated to Piri Reis, an Ottoman captain, geographer and cartographer who lived between 1465 and 1555. Travel, Inspiration & Discovery: three suggestive themes which, with FORMIA’s high quality in-flight kits, bring together history, culture and indulgence.

The alternative Tin Box of the introductory launch features a specially commissioned abstract world map in Turkish Airlines’ colours highlighting the company’s destinations around the globe. 

A modern and innovative way to promote Turkish Airlines’ profile whilst reinforcing its positioning and image in the market, these Boxes represent a highly attractive give-away that raises the bar of Economy Class amenities.