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Five reasons to visit England’s second city

Five reasons to visit England’s second city

Brummies very rarely speak honestly about their feelings towards their home city, but it is becoming a more popular city break for people in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we spoke to Alex, who writes for to tout the wares of his home city of Birmingham. He has lived in the city throughout his life and has given five reasons why everybody should look towards booking a weekend away in the second city.

The Nightlife
Everyone that goes on a night out in Birmingham speaks glowingly about the experience that they have had. There are a number of restaurants around the city that visitors must go to, which includes Baked In Brick, Lasan and Opheem. There are also a number of stunning bars around the city, which cater to every need. There is a Latin feel to the Cuban Embassy, while the Alchemist and Jekyll & Hyde are perfect places for cocktails. All of the bars are in the middle of the city, which means visitors can walk from each one to the next.

There are a variety of different tourist attractions around the city, which cater to young families. Cadbury World and ThinkTank are the two standout attractions, with the latter of those being as informative as it is enjoyable. Cadbury World is a must for all chocolate lovers, as visitors can enjoy a tour around the incredible landmark with visitors given secrets behind the brand. Also, on the way out, visitors need to pay a visit to the biggest Cadbury shop in the world.

The History
There is a lot of history to take in around the city, with the Black Country being the heart of the Industrial Revolution. The best place to learn all about the Black Country is the incredible Black Country Museum. This attraction will teach visitors the importance of the local area on the world as we know it today, with the area being the brains behind the first steam train to run in the United States and the importance of Stourbridge in producing glass in the United Kingdom. This is also a must for fans of BBC smash-hit Peaky Blinders, as the show’s creator, Steven Knight, constantly refers to the museum as the home of the worldwide phenomenon.

The Mailbox & The Cube
The Mailbox and The Cube are the places to be seen in the city, as they house some of the most incredible restaurants and cocktail bars. The Mailbox is also the best place for high-end shopping with John Lewis and Huge Boss housed here. It is also the home of the BBC in Birmingham. Both attractions also have beautiful locations on the canal, which makes it the perfect place to watch the world go by.

The People
Destinations are only as good as the locals, and that ensures that Birmingham is one of the best. Brummies are notoriously friendly and will make conversation with all visitors. They are approachable, which ensures that lost visitors can also get assistance if they need help. Also, talking to locals is the best way to learn the difference between Yam Yams and Brummies in terms of accents and dialect used.