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BTN spotlight: Sanjiv Ramdanee, Executive Director, Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, Mauritius

BTN spotlight: Sanjiv Ramdanee, Executive Director, Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, Mauritius

As the Executive Director of the incredible Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa in Mauritius, Sanjiv Ramdanee has arguably one of the best jobs in travel.

Nestled on the West coast of the island, the idyllic five-star resort overlooks the serene turquoise lagoon of Tamarin Bay.

Stretching over 27 acres, the resort comprises 65 luxurious suite villas amidst lush tropical gardens, a unique spa, infinity edge swimming pool, two restaurants and bars and a range of leisure activities. Fantastic views of the ocean and mountains afar, and the promise of magical sunsets complete this dream holiday location.

BTN: How would you describe the Maradiva experience?
SR: It is one of ultimate luxury in a relaxed atmosphere.


BTN: Which aspects of the resort are you most proud of?
SR: The spacious villas and the outdoor living area concept. The lush gardens with their endemic plants are also spectacular.

BTN: How would you like the resort to evolve?
SR: We would like to anticipate the needs of our guests for the future and to be able to satisfy them. This would help in establishing us as the number one resort on the island.

(Right: Exclusive Suite Bathroom)

BTN: What are your biggest growth areas?
SR: One of our biggest growth areas is the Spa. We are refining the wellness concept and it is a service which we want to promote.

BTN: Which are your key markets?
SR: UK, France and Germany. Russia is not far behind.

BTN: Mauritius is a dream wedding destination but how easy is it to get married there?
SR: Very easy, organising the event is carried out by our wedding planner and the ceremony is officially recognised in most European countries and quite a few others as well.

(Left: The beach)

BTN: How did you first get started in hospitality?
SR: Our first venture in the hotel industry started with the Sands Resort and Spa. It is a four-star deluxe property which opened in August 2001. It has been a success which we wish to renew with the Maradiva.

BTN: What key attributes do you look for in potential staff?
SR: The main attribute which encompasses several qualities is the attitude.

BTN: Describe your perfect resort of the future.
SR: Perfection is hard to achieve but it is always a challenge to try to make it. As far as the service is concerned it would be one where we would anticipate the needs of the guests and be able to satisfy them beyond their expectations.

(Above: the Spa Suite)

Regarding the construction and hardware, apart from considering the important points such as design, architecture and technology, the ecological aspect will also be a major item.

The whole concept would be a synergy of the aforementioned factors.

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