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AIC Travel Group chooses Triometric analytics to improve quality and results for its XML clients

AIC Travel Group chooses Triometric analytics to improve quality and results for its XML clients

Triometric, the leading provider of real-time XML performance monitoring and business intelligence to the online travel industry, is pleased to announce today that AIC Travel Group has selected to use the monitoring and analytics services provided by NetStorming, and powered by Triometric. NetStorming is the Italian travel technology specialist that is the in-house IT provider of AIC Travel Group, a leading full service global wholesaler, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

NetStorming, selected the Triometric platform earlier this year to boost the performance monitoring and business intelligence capabilities that it can offer its partners and clients. Use of the platform is now extended to meet the operational needs of AIC Travel Group.

As a web engineering company with a strong customer centric focus, the Triometric platform is part of NetStorming’s strategy to excel in the delivery of high quality customer service and data insights to its partners and customers which includes AIC Travel Group. The industry is witnessing significant growth in search volumes and Triometric is delighted that AIC Travel Group has selected to participate in NetStorming’s deployment of the platform to enable the wholesaler to fulfil its two guiding principles: the delivery of outstanding IT services and customer satisfaction.

AIC Travel Group is a leading global wholesaler serving more than 50,000 tour agencies and operators through an extensive sales network in more than 100 countries. The travel specialist provides its clients with a flexible, scalable reservations platform that includes XML integrations, real-time booking confirmations, optimal cancellation conditions, and extensive support.

NetStorming in its role as the in-house ITprovider, is using the Triometric platform to monitor AIC Travel Group’s web services infrastructure and to analyse the company’s search and booking traffic as XML messages flow through a network of APIs that connect the travel company with its trading partners and customers. A key requirement that Triometric fulfils is for AIC Travel Group system users to be able to set alerts when certain operational thresholds are triggered or events occur. Users can be automatically alerted when searches are being responded to with ‘no rooms available’ or when noteworthy changes in search volumes arise. The user can set the alert criteria for a variety of condition or destinations. Such insights enable AIC Travel Group team to be responsive to market trends and be able to make operational decisions based on near real-time data.
The analytics from Triometric will help AIC Travel Group to deliver to its customers an optimum web based reservations environment and to gain market, customer and product insights that can support business decisions. In particular, AIC will be able to monitor and manage its response times, error reporting and inventory availability.

Triometric analysis delivered in reports and dashboards helps to quickly identify or prevent issues, and reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot or pinpoint performance issues or errors as they occur. This will help to ensure AIC Travel Group systems can respond to searches in time and with accuracy and relevance to help increase conversions.
Vincenzo Corrado, CEO of AIC Travel Group commented: “in today’s competitive online travel market it is more important than ever to ensure the seamless running of optimised web services for our clients and to have real-time inventory data available to drive profitable decisions. We have great hopes and ambitions to fulfil the potential that real-time intelligence can provide. We are delighted that NetStorming is deploying the Triometric platform and we look forward to getting the insights that will support our business for future growth.

“We welcome AIC Travel Group’s commitment to use Triometric’s proven analytics platform to gain valuable real-time operational performance insights and market intelligence that can keep systems optimised and customers satisfied.” said Matthew Goulden, CEO at Triometric. “We look forward to continuing to work with the AIC Travel Group and their partner NetStorming to ensure they get actionable insights from their XML data.”