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8 Tips To Help You Avoid Theft When You Are On Vacation

8 Tips To Help You Avoid Theft When You Are On Vacation

Everywhere, there are always burglars waiting for opportunities to break into homes that are vulnerable. In fact, burglars tend to be observant in nature and may pose as a city worker or even a police officer to find out if someone is home. They may even talk with a neighbor to find out when a homeowner is at work or on vacation, giving them the perfect opportunity to strike. 
It’s important to protect your home at all times, and you should feel a sense of peace when you go on vacation that everything is safe and secure. Today, we will be going through eight general tips you should follow to help you avoid theft when you go on vacation.

1. Use an Automatic Timer
Using automatic timer lights will give the appearance of being home when you’re not. You can set up these automatic timers with other appliances as well such as radios and televisions that you can turn up the volume on to appear you’re still at home.

2. Remember to Mow Your Yard
Before you go on vacation, make sure you mow your grass so you appear to be home. If you forget to do it, call one of your neighbors to hire one of their kids to do it for you and pay them later.

3. Don’t Post on Social Media
Many people today like to share their lives with their friends, family and friends on social media. People tend to love to share everything, including going on vacation. Many people have done this to come home to a burglarized house. You don’t have to brag to everyone about when you’re leaving. Post the pictures when you get home about your vacation!

4. Hire a Storage Service Provider
You can hire moving services and storage provider to keep your outdoor furniture, grills and extra tools safe if you plan to be on an extended vacation. The worst part is people have had these everyday items stolen when on vacation. You don’t want to become a statistic of theft do you?

5. Arrange Mail Pick Up
You can go to your local post office that delivers mail and let them know to hold your mail for the length of time you’re on vacation. Most post offices offer this service.

6. Have a Neighbor Keep an Eye Out
If you have a neighbor whom you can trust, you can ask for them to keep an eye on your property and call the police if someone looks like they may be trying to get into your home.

7. Install an Alarm System
Alarm systems are the best protection for your home, particularly while you are away. The sign on the window can let a burglar know that your home is protected by an alarm that will not only notify your neighbors, but the local police department as well.

8. Install a CCTV Camera
CCTV cameras have come down in price over the years and on top of that you can connect them to the internet into the cloud. With the use of your smart devices you can easily log on to your CCTV camera and be able to view and record your house and belongings while on vacation.

There are many ways to avoid theft, but people tend to forget about these things when they are rushing to go on vacation. Make sure you use common sense and make a checklist to go over before you go on vacation. When you come back you’ll find it’s good to be home and find everything where you left it.